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Practice reflects human rights Having been aware of the fact that V was not happy with the terminology, enabled me to address her properly and practice what Rorer’s called “positive regard” (Payne, 2005). I did this by valuing V for who she felt she was and being compassionate as she related her story to me. Ultimately, best practice In the service delivery Is to ensure that we respect the Human Rights Convention ( ) since the UK has been signed up to it for 50 years.

The tendency is that Health and social care practice has he potential to affect some of the rights and freedoms in the OCHRE ( ). Human rights point out that it is Bib’s right to identify with who she feels she is. While I agree that diagnosis helps to systematically categories people, I argue that such issues must be viewed from a wider spectrum, ranging from personal, cultural to societies system as a whole. Whereas, society at large plays a role in modifying us, culture shapes our choices and our own personality/individuality Influences what we may become.

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A ambition of these factors can not be dealt with separately If an effective solution Is to be sought. Having done a unit on critical reflection, my ability to essentially appraise my values and assumptions within various ethical and social contexts has significantly improved. This has been so because I have taken the initiation to proactively engage in my own learning by seeking to explore and understand my learning styles and effectively using support systems such as learning sets to tease my reflective practice.

As reflected in assignment 1, I had envisaged that 45 logs was enough affliction, however little did I realize that reflection without good self assessment and deeper reflection warrants an incomplete spiral process of reflection. Comparatively, I have never really doubted my learning style, but I must admit that the opportunity I had In learning about different writing and learning styles enabled me to see the significance of adopting deferent ways to problem solving. While I may have been content with my own style of writing, trying other approaches to writing tremendously enhanced my skills of writing and taking in information.

Not only were my proficiency in reflection improved, I reckon the progression enabled me to move away from my comfort zone of routine approach. This obviously has a knock on effect on my practice which I intend to keep on conscious competent level of reflection. ( ) ascertains that conscious competence is the process of awareness of skill existence and reliable performance of that particular skill.???? Elaborate Indeed I have grown to think things through in a more sophisticated manner, from a wider and deeper perspective.

I have understood this to require my ability to remain self aware and focused on the task In whatever activity and environment. I believe this Is a high and multifaceted expectation which requires a continuous search for various perspectives to different situations. In a way, being focused on task Is acknowledging that every Individual Is unique hence the need to tailor my social work practice to cult their needs in an attempt to individualism my service.

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