Deliverable week Assignment

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This week our team agreed on a scenario and delegated who will do which parts of the Assignment. Communication was very effective for this assignment and we have no issues at this time. All members of the team were very considerate to the rest and communicated in a very timely manner, except for one team member that we have not heard from in the last two weeks. Time management seems to be going very smoothly as well.

We feel that the rest of the team put forth a lot of work; however it is unfair that we have to split up another team members work between the rest of us, UT we are confident that this will not affect how we perform as a team or the quality of our work. We agree as a team to have our portions of the assignment in by Friday October 3, unless an emergency situation comes up for one of us. This will allow time for editing if needed, and give Sesames time to include all our references on the reference slide.

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Prepare a 10-12 slide [email protected] [email protected] presentation using one of the following scenarios, or create your own with instructor approval, in which your team applies the perspective of personality, based on person-situation interactions: Our team chooses the following scenario: Rick is the CEO of a small company. He shows up every day to the office in an Airman suit and tie and is very professional with his staff. Meetings are also held in a professional atmosphere where the time is planned carefully and only professional matters are discussed.

His employees respect him and he is considered a fair boss but little is known of his personal life. He is cordial but does not invite conversation outside of work matters. After finishing a major project, Rick decides to hold a company picnic. At the picnic, he is dressed in a polo shirt and khakis. He is friendly, relaxed, and takes an active role in serving the food to all the employees. At first, his employees are unsure how to respond but slowly start to relax.

Later when he overhears a group of employees discussing the previous night’s basketball game, he joins the conversation with enthusiasm and debates over which were the best plays of the night. He asks Linda about her mother, who had recently been hospitalized. Linda was unaware that Rick knew about the incident. On Monday, Rick is dressed in is Airman suit and tie and nods cordially to his employees as he heads to his office. Include the following parts in your presentation: Provide a summary of the scenario. 2 slides) Smashed Decide on two theorists associated with studying person-situation interactions and apply their theories to the scenario.

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