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Death Next Door I find myself asking random acquaintances to close their eyes and Imagine the feeling they have after being scared senseless. Then, I asked them to let this sensation envelop their bodies, and imagine If they were unfortunate enough to feel that mental turbulence on a constant basis. The human body is hardwired to perceive threats, and when a threat triggers the flight or fight response the human body releases a high amount of adrenaline. The adrenaline stimulates the central nervous system to react impulsively to a specific threat, and unfortunately the

Irrational fear I have towards death has been the biggest perceived threat I can face. I feel as if fear is using eminent domain to gain control over my subconscious and uses Its control to preoccupy my mind with the inevitable. I am able to rationalize that death is inevitable, but last year I fell ill, and now that I am healthy I am Incapable of healing my mind. I am able to remember this day as if It were yesterday, but one morning last August I was unable to breathe, and being that I have asthma I thought nothing of It.

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Then, as was brushing my teeth I coughed, and I was almost incapacitated by the negation of someone stabbing a dull knife deep Into my lungs. Was not immediately concerned with the pain, so I continued to get ready, but the pain continued to get worse, and I began to worry. Soon thereafter I found myself making an appointment with my general practitioner and calling out of work. I was pleasantly surprised that my doctor had sufficient gaps in her schedule and was willing to see me later that afternoon, but the chastising I received from my boss for calling out was unpleasant.

I arrived at my doctor’s office a little nervous, but I was seen swiftly, and y doctor suggested that I have some blood drawn and a handful of chest x-rays taken. My blood work came back normal; however, she noticed what appeared to be a hairline fracture along my fourth rib. I was a little confused and Inquired how a broken rib would go unnoticed. She told me that the violent coughing from my morning episode of asthma likely caused the fracture and proceeded to write me a prescription for Protect.

I was told to relax, maintain a limited range of motion, and In time the fracture would heal. I stopped by the pharmacy on my way home; afterwards, I had a bad experience tit the Protect I had taken. I was able to Ingest the medicine before I arrived home, but I had never indulged in drugs, and I was unaware of the effect it would have on an empty stomach. I was relieved to be home after stopping at the local gas- and-gulp to void the contents of my stomach. I plopped myself on the couch and began reading the Project’s’ directions.

Then, I figured I would eat a meal and take another pill to replace the one I threw up. Afterwards, everything was going great and the medicine made me feel better. I felt a little paranoid and suddenly the pain as back, but this time I began to cough and the mucus contained a lot of blood. In a panic, I looked at the clock and realized my doctor’s office was still open. I hopped in my car Like a man on a mission and sped the entire way to the office. 1 OFF stained rag. The plethora of people in the office parted like the Red Sea as they realized I had sprung a leak.

The following series of events are the catalysts to my irrationality. First, I was rushed into the back office to undergo another round of triage assessments. In the triage room I recall seeing my pulse read 213 beats per minute I began to feel as if I were having a heart attack. Then, I am told I will be picked up via ambulance, so I can be taken to the hospital because she thinks I may be gravely ill. In that moment I felt sheer mortality, and began to succumb too panic attack.

The ambulance arrived quickly, and I was hooked up and on my way to the hospital in minutes. I had been to the hospital before, and the fact I was being taken ahead of people in the lobby with stab wounds, gunshot wounds, and other ailments was terrifying. At the hospital I had 12 x-rays taken, a CT scan, full blood work, and an endoscope; however, I could not even begin to imagine what prognosis the doctor had in store. The prognosis was in, and I broke down when I was told that absolutely nothing was wrong with me.

I was surprised because the doctors were perplexed that my General Practitioner saw a fracture, and the CT scan revealed no such anomaly. Now, my anxiety has gotten to the point it is creating formability-like pain throughout my body, and I cannot help but wonder why I feel so poorly. I am eager to pass the mental crossroads that lies ahead, but in this moment I must overcome such irrationality because worrying about dying causes stress, stress can lead to other complications, and I am doing myself no favors by being my own grim reaper!

Rubric for Grade of B – The “B” Theme: Good and interesting content and good execution The “B” theme has good development and organization, but it is lacking in one or more areas what an “A” theme accomplishes. This paper is clearly competent and meets or exceeds the requirements of the assignment. 1 . Originality: Somewhat less original and dynamic than an “A” theme. Shows some stylistic subtlety and is more than competent. May illustrate a developing voice. 2. Development: Central idea/argument shows good development. 3.

Organization: Organization is clear and complete, and transitions are generally smooth. The clear thesis appears in the introduction and is nicely restated in the conclusion. The conclusion includes a clear and smooth summary of main points. 4. Structure and Diction: Development of sentences and paragraphs is good with some variation in structure. Diction is still sophisticated and there are no glaring usage problems. 5. Mechanical Conventions: Almost free of major mechanical errors with a minimum of errors overall, none of which obscure meaning. . Spelling b. Fragment c. Run-on Sentence d. Comma Splice e. Subject-verb Agreement f. Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement h. Awkward Wording or Missing Words I. Comma Errors j. Punctuation k. Other 6. ML Forms and Research Component (when applicable): The paper should conform to all applicable ML forms, including ML format. Most borrowed material is appropriately used and smoothly integrated into the text of the paper, and most ML conventions are accurately represented in all citations and in the Works Cited Numerical Score: B 87

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