Developing Good Business Sense Assignment

Developing Good Business Sense Assignment Words: 688

In this assignment I was asked to observe three deferent businesses within three different fields, The first business I observed was an AT&T wireless store where employees are paid by salary and larger part of their salary is also based on commission. The second establishment I choose to observe was a supermarket where employees are paid an hourly minimum wage. The last establishment I observed was a retail banking environment where employees are also paid salary plus commission.

While in the AT&T store I noticed the environment was attracted paced however the employees were focused on customer service and was immediately asked the reason for my visit and my name was entered into a waiting list. The representative then proceeded to set the expectation of wait time so that I would be aware of how long I would be waiting for assistance. Once a sales representative was able to assist me how introduced himself to me, ask questions to understand what cell phone needs were such as what do I do for a living, how technology savvy I was, and my comfort level for the conveniences of technology.

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All f the representatives were dressed in business semi-professional attire and all coordinated wearing company colors. I was able to identify management because they were all wearing white shirts and ties while the sales reps used blue shirts and ties if applicable. They all carried I-Pads and credit card swiping devices which were used to process all transactions. The convenience of using I-pads assisted in not only everything being conveniently electronic but also It allowed customers to get a feel for devices they did not Intend on originally purchasing.

The MOM within the store as extremely organized and accessible to customers and the entire representative was extremely knowledgeable with all of the devices. I asked the representative how long do they have train and he informed they training program is one month long and must know all of the products before walking onto the sales floor. Their accessories such as cases, cords, portable keyboards were at hands reach for customers to test while on the sales floor along with the devices available. This helped keep the customers pre-occupied while walling for assistance. The second company I observed was Western Beef.

There is not much to be said here regarding service. The employees were obviously unhappy and some seemed to be bothered to assist customers wishing to pay for their groceries. Considering this a supermarket, the MOM was there when looking at the goods and services being provided for purchase however I am not sure where customer focus was. I believe It may have been In providing the freshest product available because as soon as we walked Into the supermarket the fresh scent of produce traveled throughout the store. Employees seemed to use a simple POS system however many cashiers had questions regarding coupons and other discounted products.

The last business I was able to observe was a retail banking center. This was probably the most enjoyable because all of the employees seemed to be extremely knowledgeable within their positions. As soon as I walked Into the retail banking center I was greeted by one several deposits and in the short time frame I spent with the teller she was able to perform a short account review which helped my realized there were improved banking options for me. All of the banking employees were extremely knowledgeable ND provided exceptional customer service.

There MOM was based on deepening the existing banking relationships they have hoping to secure their existing clients and brining over new ones with a referral process. The operating systems which were being used were one specifically designed for banking centers. There were many technological conveniences which were discussed with me such as mobile banking and check deposit, ATM uses for payments, deposits and cash withdrawals, and also being able to transfer money to other account holders within or outside the bank directly from my mobile phone.

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