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Jesus is praying to God that his follower at that time will be in union with God Just as he is in heaven. Jesus wanted all of mankind to be of the same thought and same belief in God. 2 Corinthians 13:14 – The undeserved kindness is a sacrifice that God and Jesus made for mankind. God gave up his son’s life and Jesus gave up his life for mankind’s sins. Write 2-3 sentences explaining how the six passages above might shape the Christian worldview: Give a brief summary after each passage listed below. Creation: Genesis 1 and 2 – In the beginning God made Heaven and Earth.

Each day he rated something different. On sixth day God created Man. On the seventh day God rested with his creations. Romans 8:18-25 – Upon the death of a man he is set free from his earthly sins. Upon death man will be resurrected to heaven. Colombians 1 :15-20 – The importance of Jesus’ earthly body was to give it up as the ransom sacrifice for mankind’s sins. Write 2-3 sentences explaining how the three passages immediately above might shape the Christian worldview: These passages might shape the Christian worldview because the higher power is God.

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Jesus sacrificed himself and took the ultimate punishment to clear our sins. Admitting our sins will allow us to repent it before God and be forgiven. Due to Jesus ultimate sacrifice we all have received the wonderful gift of living an eternal life. See Part 2 of this assignment on the next page. Part 2 – Journal on the Nature of the Universe Use the space below to compose a Journal of 250-500 words on God and the nature of the universe by answering the following: What do you believe about God and the C.V. God creation worksheet By Lisa_Sanchez nature of the universe after this weeks class interaction? Hint: You can reference the Lecture 3) How does your view compare too Christian worldview? PAP is not required for this assignment but solid academic writing is expected. God has revealed some of His great qualities to us. God is One, but He exists as three persons- God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit (Matthew 3:16-17). God exists everywhere, knows everything, and has all power and authority (Isaiah 40:28). God is the creator of heaven and earth and is our principle object of faith. Mankind looks to God for guidance during difficult times. God represents eternity, holiness, justice, love, self-existence and only God.

The nature of the universe is eternal and as created by God. Each religion has its own belief system in regards to the nature of the universe. Throughout one’s lifetime beliefs and assumptions will be incorporated into their lives. There will be a day that we meet our creator, God, He will come upon us and open the gates to eternal life to those who believe in his existence. Growing up as a Catholic we prayed upon saints and God. I was also told to worship the image on the crucifix because he was our creator and our higher power. We also prayed to the saints during times of healing, illness and sadness.

As a child I did not understand this concept, but now as an adult I have a better understanding and have made changes within my own beliefs. I strongly believe that without God’s creation there would be no life. My view compares to the Christian worldview because I believe that one was brought into this world to serve a purpose, meaning that God has a plan for each one of us. We have been given the opportunity to repent our sins and ask for forgiveness. During times of distress one shall remember that God, is our savior, He will always lead us to the right pathway in life.

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