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This Is a chance for you to explore your own history as a “reader” as well as Introduce yourself to me. Your task in this assignment is to provide a brief “autobiography’ of your life as a reader – a picture of the type of reader you are. Even if you do not read a lot or have never been fond of reading you have surely interacted with reading throughout your life and still do. We will revisit these autobiographies later in the semester as we reflect on what we have learned.

Consider the following questions as you write: You certainly do not have to address all of these – pick the ones that you can relate to and can provide the most holistic view of you as a reader. You should, however, make sure that at some point in your paper you share a bit about your early, middle, and current reading history/preferences. In other words I do want to see a bit about your past with reading as well as where you are now as a reader. What are your earliest memories of learning to read or being read to? At home or during your very early schooling. Did it come easily or difficult? What were/are mom of your favorite children’s books you read (or had read to you)? What are some of your least favorite that you remember? Why did you like/dislike these? * What were your reading habits like as you got older and moved through elementary and then middle and high school? Were there any series of books you read? Any magazines you read regularly? ; Consider your required school reading throughout the years. Were there any books you found you really liked? What about them did you like? Were there any you couldn’t stand? What about them did you not like?

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Were there any that you tolerated but later found you were glad to have read? Explain. * What are your current reading habits? Besides reading required for college, what do you read? Novels? Non-fiction books? Blobs? Online magazines and newspapers? Comic books? * What are your reading preferences – favorite genres of books? (Mystery, autobiographies, self-help, romances, etc. )? Why Is this your preference? What about these books grab your attention? * What do you think really makes a “good” book? (or play or poem or article, etc. ) * What is your current IEEE of reading (you can be honest here).

Do you see value in it? Why or why not? You can also Include in here any current struggles with reading. * What are your current reading goals for yourself? Are they academic In nature? Are they more related to hobby reading? * Idea: spend a few minutes looking up quotes about reading on the Internet or from a book. Which quote(s) about reading resonate with where you are as a reader or your history of reading? Why? Logistics – your autobiography should: * Be around 2 pages (double-spaced, MEAL format – 12 point font, times new roman, 1″ margin, etc. Explore your “history’ as a reader across a wide range of age, school, and your current reading habits (if you would like to “focus” in one “era” of your life, that’s fine, but please at least touch on early, middle, now) * Reveal your likes and dislikes (genres, subjects, etc. ) and explore why you have those * Be in a “short essay’ format – what this means is do not list questions and answer them. Be sure to break your paper into paragraphs though a 2 page response should not be one long paragraph! Feel free to be as creative with your autobiography as you’d like.

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