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Then which I explain all those points, references, readings that my development of the subject. Thirdly I am going to focus assignments. Here we have two parts, first the Ethical idle innovation. In the ethical dilemma I’m going to talk about cutbacks made by Spanish Government, that it’s being m in a democracy in favor of helping the banks. While in the about the recently invention made by a 16 years guy, it’s t in an inexpensive way and much faster, plus detect before After this, I will conclude by telling about the multi-stakes our oral exam.

Body 1) Self presentation: I think that, being honest, the value I feel more represents integrity and pursue my work in an ethical manner”. Became us to not stay in one place but that motivates us to contain can and we do not give up. I believe that all the people m because is one of the engines for improve yourself. Peers my life personal as professional, because as the phrase g strength of spirit that makes us stay true to our principles a man of principle. I come from a country where principle country’s leaders (If they ever had them), and after many now have the consequences… People going outside of Sp escape the lack of values and find somewhere else, in the country. When this happens, people are facing a very big eve to leave everything behind, family, friends, places, et to find career opportunities. This leads us to another value quality and consists behave and speak with consistency a to the values of truth and Justice. To build a better world In this portfolio we can find all t Ethics course. The first thing we and the explication why tell ‘d which I explain all those points, my development of the subject. Assignments Here we have two innovation.

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In the ethical deliver cutbacks made by Spanish in a democracy in favor of help about the recently invention me in an inexpensive way and much After this, will conclude by tell hank that. Being honest, the integrity and pursue my work IR us to not stay in one place butt can and we do not give up I be because is one of the engines FL my life personal as professional strength of spirit that makes us a man of principle. Come from country’s leaders (If they ever h. Now have the consequences. _ F: escape the lock of values and flip country. When this happens. Pee have to leave everything beheld to find career opportunities.

The quality and consists behave NC to the values oaf truth and justice is the basic principle to give an example to others. The other value I have chosen is: “l will take response present the performance and risks of my enterprise In professional life, in business and in life in general Blaming others, claiming to be a victim, or pass the b the refusal to take responsibility, it erodes respect an Ethical people take responsibility for their actions, Juju ability to be responsible both in small things as in gar translates into confidence that others will have of you harder to come back after losing.

Everyone who come company must have trust and confidence in the way I have always faced problems at university or college. Them, sometimes obviously I have not got, but at leas arks (group and individual) that I had to make, lath from my mistakes, then I could do much better. The t identified is: “l will strive to create sustainable economy prosperity worldwide”. Since I was small I have been nature and I feel very fortunate for that. I therefore b be to everyone, develop availing ourselves in society resources in a manner that is not destructive, but SE growth.

In this way we achieve sustainable develops both economic and social life. Therefore I would also phrase: Meet the needs of the present generation WI of future generations to meet their own needs. For a couple of years ago, I liked the idea of a sustain hire world countries. I would like the feeling of been and to help them all I could. Also, in my country there desertification and deforestation strong and with hi a bit on the ground, doing work of re-forestation in G have experienced fires in the summer time heat. 2) L The first thing I can say I’ve learned during lectures meaning and vision of the ethic.

Each one grows with identify and with which we have been bred. Beside a that is our family and close friends, also greatly influx our society in which we live and what we are exposed religion. Because of this, I must to ask the same sues “What do ethics mean to you? Among their response to do with what my feelings tell me is right or wrong. ‘ religious beliefs. ” “Being ethical is doing what the law requires. ” “Ethics consists of the standards of behavior our socio the word means. ” The first answer is probably the most widely used worldwide, but this can be misleading.

Each of us has been grown in a way and each of us thinks we know what is ethical, but we differ. Often we can find cases where two opposing parts believe to be right, in which both believe what they are or they have done is right. But the problem with ethics is that what is good for some is bad for others, then how to know ho is right in the most ethical and fair manner? History has taught us that it is unethical to do everything that society thinks is right. Also this erroneous view that ethics is what religion thinks best, but as we have seen in all religions this is not true, from Christianity to Islam.

Considering that some of the least ethical acts of history have been conducted or supported by the representatives of various religions. As examples we have the Spanish Inquisition, the fascism that had the support of the Pope, Islamic terrorism, fundamentalism Islamic or simply enrich themselves at the expense of others through tricks, as in the Middle Ages. The society in which we live today is an individualistic society, in which everyone looks their interest only most of the time. Another point that I find very interesting that we have seen in class, is that (as shown above) that not all the law says is to be ethical.

We have lots of examples we can see, such as anti-racial, anti-Semitism laws of Hitler and many others. More recently I can give another example of a law to my unethical apparently that has been imposed in my country by the current government a few months ago, the Public Safety Act, in which the right to freely manifest people are cut out and about a democratic country ever closer to what seems to be a dictatorship. Is it ethical to cut the fact rights to freely express themselves citizens so they can do what they want? Obviously not, a government is a business or a family, if you do not preach by example who would have to do.

The Government is touching the nerve of the democratic system. This is not a debate between left and right but between authoritarian and democratic state. Also nor what is ethical if everyone does is ethical. Considering that we have had enough bad experiences with these types of cases. One of the most important and not so distant is Nazism, as came to power in Germany in a democratic way to discontent and despair of the population. People agreed with the methods that were used and left their country in the hands of a maniac who took advantage of the situation. Therefore we cannot say that ethics is everything that has the approval of society.

Like this we can have many other examples, such as the Klux Klux Klan, apartheid, colonization, enslavement, etc… I remember a case we saw in class about the rape and pregnancy. In the 2012 United States election time, a series of controversies arose as a result of statements by Republican Party candidates about rape, pregnancy, contraception, abortion, and related topics. The first and most widely covered controversy concerned Republican U. S. Senate candidate Representative Todd Akin, who stated that pregnancy rarely occurs as a result of what he called “legitimate rape”.

Medical experts said Skin’s statement is false, and many women’s rights groups found the phrase “legitimate rape” demeaning. Skin’s comments had a far-reaching political impact, changing the focus of political managing across the country to the “war on women”. Akin was eventually denounced by politicians in both the Republican and Democratic Parties, most prominently by presidential candidate Mitt Rooney and President Barack Obama. Such statements demonstrate the lack of ethics and values that some people can have. The rape is one of the most sensitive issues to be addressed, because the trauma to the woman is for the lifetime.

One of the things that also caught my attention during lectures was when we were talking about when some companies move to other countries where labor is cheaper to reduce costs. This is unethical, considering that in their home country are taking off the opportunity to work with many people who may also need it. Instead they go to countries where they can earn more money at lower cost. Although personally, I can understand the fact of going to another country in search of lower costs but also is playing with ethical values as they seek their own benefit rather than trying to improve their own country.

We have lots of examples of such practices by multinational companies such as Adios, Nikkei, etc. But in turn, if these companies do not, their costs would be higher and therefore their prices too. We face an ethical dilemma if companies do not, another competition could do it and then lose market share and could lead bankruptcy. The ethical dilemma would then, continue with the same type of management of your company or adapt to the times today and make the management more interested and individualistic way? Speaking of these multinational companies we can find another ethical dilemma, that of exploitation.

Some of the most important companies in the world use people not as human beings but rather as a factor of production. This often leads them to have them exploited. I worry every day more lack of humiliation of society in which we live and especially businesses, that after all are made by people who should have their values and ethics. Some of the companies, as well as, most important countries of the world treat the planet as if it were all their own where they can do what they want. Hence, many countries are poor and are treated by the “developed” countries as places to dispose of garbage and also use their resources for their own benefit.

Developed countries and emerging contaminate the planet’s atmosphere a very exalted way, so they are endangering the survival of the planet on which we live and or the sole purpose of enriching themselves above others. From my point of view we should go making aware increasingly to the fact both achieve sustainable economic and environmental development. Because if we cannot use the resources we have on the planet at the end of future generations end up having serious consequences of unsustainable development that has started since many years ago.

In order to reduce contamination, countries should be put in the rules that companies cannot issue a certain amount of pollution and negative externalities. Obviously this can slow the growth of the economy, so that’s why we should implement green practices in society and the use of clean and renewable energies denounced by politicians preeminently by president Such statements demons have The rape is one oft trauma to the warn as f. One of the things Tear alls talking about when some TU reduce cuts.

This Is our off the opportunity to nor to countries where they c understand the fact c IS playing With ethical fall improve their nun country multinational companies not. Their casts would be dilemma If companies do share and could lead ban type at Laddering the management more In Speaking of these multi at exploitation, Solve to TFH as human Beings bur rat hem exploited worry e live and especially business their values ant ethics. Of the carnies, a planet as It It nerve all the countries are poor and AR of garbage and also use t Developed r mourn. S and exalted way, so they are e fur the sole purpose to re shack’s go making aware I and environmental develop( the planet dot the end of Ft unsustainable developed order TA reduce contain cannot issue Obviously this can solo implement green practice for the development of industrial and economic practices. Obviously we are today at a difficult time because of the crib more difficult to find funding for this, but if not in the future such worse crisis in which not have resources to survive a overpopulation rates where we are today.

If we do not count way, in the future we will regret a lot. For make this to beck begin to raise awareness among young people through De for sustainable development is essential to tackling climatic Richmond, director of the division of coordination of priority in the field of education said: “Education for sustainable d instrument through which the education sector can be an partnership towards effective action, to show people that, consumers and responsible citizens, can help provide lasts like climate change”.

What is clear is that ethics is and always will be one of the treat, and more now a days, where we can find with global clashes all over the world. Thus, what for a person born in for someone who was born in Canada may not be. The ethical dilemma As an ethical dilemma, I decided to do it on an issue that is people in Spain as a result of mismanagement on for man for the development of Obviously we are today overpopulation rates WI way. In the future eve WI to raise awareness for sustainable develop Richmond. Erector of it In the TTL*ICC to education instrument through uh partnership towards beef what ;s clear Is that teeth Tear, and mare non AC tort someone who was b ;moments people In Spain as a ref exploded as a result of the global crisis in 2007, the cutbacks government is making in favor to pay the debts of the banks faced with several parts in this ethical dilemma, on the one Spanish government and banks and large national and multi on the other side is the Spanish population and Seems.

First ethical dilemma and its consequences I have to explain the before and during the crises so that everything is better undo in the United States of America since August 2007, more pre California where it exploded the vast estate speculative ban ardent credits construction industry and it would bankrupt companies with the consequent loss of Jobs and the total BRB Also starts in Spain in 2008 its housing crisis.

The property p in big cities, however both in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao b 1992 in front of a small but steady demand did not Justify the a demand increasing the supply. This situation would reach its peak in 2007 of a virulent form the deterioration of expectations estate and construction mind context of a global economic crisis. Such indicators would be units sold, and hence the sharp drop in house prices ( more depending on the region ) and increased developers and co cleared bankrupt or in financial distress.

The Spanish phenomenon have characterized by a marked and unprecedented growth of mortgage debt, as well as an importance of construction in GAP and employment growth there was an increase in housing prices well above the ICP. Housing bubble there was a lowering of housing prices attach has meant that many citizens cannot take care of their mort property. This situation occurs because in areas where price far the current price of the home is less than the mortgage numerous local embargoes and second homes, as well as fir are being carried out during this period of crisis.

The Spanish considered by many analysts as one of the strongest among Western Europe and better equipped to withstand a liquid restrictive banking policy that required maintain a high peer However, this analysis proved wrong by other factors, during relaxed this policy and the regulator, the Bank of Spain, acted accounting system of “accounting provisioning” practiced in the minimum standards of the International Accounting Sat allowed giving an appearance of solidity while the system w Later it was found that most of the MSP had significant invest reaching in some cases up to 20 properties.

Other news rep implicitly of the central and regional governments with the international press expressed surprise at the number two in extremis Banc Suntanned, Alfred Asana pardon, who had been sentenced to prison for counterfeiting offenses documentary). At the same time the main parties were heavily indebted to banks. Sharp contrast to other countries such as Ireland, the only major nationalization was late. Previously the government had promoted with public money a bank merger.

Since Spain had denser network of bank offices in Europe, this led to a large number of “surplus” employees to significantly increase unemployment. We can think in some mechanism to solve the problem. Obviously the bank cannot close its doors because the remedy would be worse than the disease, remember that the money is deposited in them and they work with, it is public money. The main problem is legal. Ultimately you have to immediately repeal the Spanish Mortgage Law and adapt to the serious social problem that hits the Spaniards.

The first case is dropping lower prices without any resentment for the sole purpose of minimizing losses. At this point those who cannot afford the value of the remaining mortgage must reinstate good without any obligation to meet with the ending banks. Or purchase the property for 50 % of its appraised price if stay at public auction deserted. And remove the legal monstrosity to continue paying the bank the initial mortgage. Thus be achieved recover much of the investment. Properties that fail to place in a certain time would be acquired by the Spanish state to look to future social developments, where permissible.

What is a reality and this could lead to another ethical dilemma is that the eviction is not the escape of the situation as is happening in Spain , it’s Just a social time bomb that could explode at any time. It is true that there will be a fiscal deficit but there are coping mechanisms that allow a more long term and more rationally taking Spain back to the way of their full economic and social development. As a result of this, instead of eliminating tax evasion or tax large fortunes, the government has preferred to reduce the rights of citizens and raise taxes and fees to the citizens.

If reduced by ten points the fraud rate in Spain, the state could collect each year more than в? 38,500 million. Besides Popular Party conducted an amnesty tax 2012. The own current Prime Minister said two weeks before the election, in which he was elected, “I’m going to put the scissors to everything except public pensions and, even powers of the autonomous communities, health and education, where I do not want to trim the rights of citizens. Everything else, yes, we have to do and it’s good that Spaniards know”. There are cases of circulars to warn official consequences for criticizing government cuts.

Governments use Newsweek for these cases, and prefer to say “reforms” or “settings” instead of “cuts”. All this information leads to the ethical dilemma that I present , and which is related to two of the values I put in my self-presentation: “l will take responsibility for my actions, and will represent the performance and risks of my enterprise accurately and honestly” and “l will act with utmost manner”. Neither the government nor actions, many of them related to corrupt benefit, never looking for the good of TTY financed with illegal money for years question I could make thousands.

The to banks, raising taxes and cutting pub for the country’s development in the if destroying the middle class and the wet that banks have given us. The bailout t clean up its banks and flowed credit AR where he Is, the Spanish Seems have NC continue loading them taxes that desert CARS Innovation The CARS innovation on which I speak h, cancer. In only 16 years, an American sensor for detecting cancer in just five that may change many people lives It of this terrible disease Andorra when J investigate cancer through simple online “quick, simple and effective” way to del invention, it can be neutralized.

With IR Wisped, Jack studied the 8000 protein these, emotionless, soars in early stage cancer. “Detects one of the thousands cancer patients. The mechanical was network of carbon annotates, so that c explained the report to the Festival of t So he achieved his invention. A paper detect in five minutes three types of ca reprising of all is that it was b thou” taster. Furthermore, this method is ICC noninvasive. But his best point in favor is that “you someone is almost 100 percent chance of survive accurate for detecting cancer,” he said.

He SAA ovarian and lung cancer”, added “and changing use a different protein to detect Alchemist’s, o not easy to get. From 200 requests sent to lab continue his research, except one. Finally got t its development. It is a discovery that could oaf His invention is patent prosecution stage, which is approved may be a revolution for medical SC said that science should not be a luxury, and s the right of access to information should be f said. A discovery that has earned him the Gore International Science and Engineering Fair an Ingenuity Award and is the youngest of the R speaker.

Definitely a price well deserved. The invention this kid has made is amazing, h our society, and instead of being recognized b it, since being developed would lose the million soon developed between 5 to 10 years, they as free use and need to get a number of permits sensor entered the market, the survival rates today to almost 100%. You can save lives with such permits are approved, but instead is moor few years at the expense of the very expensive s a method that could revolutionize medicine industry. Perhaps it could be one of the most of modern medicine.

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