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The satisfaction and joy for caring for others especially the old and sick inspired me to choose nursing as a profession. The basic philosophy of nursing all over the world is the same; however, individual morals, values and ethics play an important role in shaping the outcome. Values, Morals and ethics Ethical values and morals are often seen as behavioral rules in individuals and hey are inter-related. The importance of values moral in the profession of nursing cannot be overlooked. Morals and values are the beliefs of individuals that have been developed through childhood teachings by family and society.

These form the fundamentals that give the ability to decide between right and wrong. (Nava, 2010). Many times when the nurse’s ethical values and morals influence their conduct this leads to conflict with nursing practices. One example can be of abortion, it becomes difficult for a nurse to be part of a decision making for abortion when his or her spiritual doctrine is against abortion. There are many such situations where the health care professionals are faced with ethical dilemma.

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American Nurses Association has come to the rescue of the nurses, by formulating the Code of Ethics, this provides guidelines as to what is expected professionally out of nurses when their individual ethical values and morals conflict. (American Nurses Association, 2012). Moral and ethical Dilemmas Faced in Healthcare. In the health care setting the nurses responsibility and role is multi facet and have to deal from bedside care to teaching for self-care during discharge room hospital to advocating and leadership, and likelihood of facing ethical and moral dilemma is unavoidable.

Mostly these situations arise due to conflicts between right and wrong action / decisions or intentions to be taken. Some common dilemmas faced by health care providers are religious and spiritual based. Many religion do not advocate induced death either by human or drugs. Other issues are related to individual’s privacy and nurses are dilemma as to maintain the privacy of information of the patient or save the society from getting unwanted infection that could be fatal; this is most moon with patients having AIDS or STUD.

Invariably all such patients have multiple sex partners who in turn again have multiple sex partners and the number of persons that can be infected is unimaginable such a scenario is frightening and the nurse has to choose and make a decision to let the patient know (some are unaware) that he has AIDS Or let his partner know. It is an ethical decision between patient rights or the good for the society. Conclusion The nurses commitment for the benefit of the society in terms of good and safe health help nurses make the right choice when faced with cultural and spiritual dilemmas.

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