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Like most people, when It comes to choosing something for me to work with I usually choose what calls my attention most out of the many options, thinking that if I get something that I like it will be easier to work and that is exactly how I chose “The Dissension of Adam and Eve from Paradise”, an extraordinary palpating of Henry Fusels. This painting pulled my sight towards It when was walking n the MAFIA (Museum of Fine Arts, Houston). Like art and I thinks painting is one of the most beautiful ways of self expression, also I always considered myself a person who Likes the romanticism, so

The Dolmens of Adam and Eve from Paradise reflects that part romance and mystery that usually attracts my attention. A work of art for me was an Interesting task, Is the first time in my life I appreciate something so amazing that makes me want to contemplate the beauty of it. I will describe more in depth the chosen work stating the principles and elements of design that I was able to appreciate. To conclude I will express In the best way possible why I consider this work meaningful. The Dismissing of Adam and Eve from Paradise is a painting by Henry Fusels, a

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Swiss who moved to London In 1779 painted around 1796 to 1799, painter difficult to classify, has been described as neoclassical, and appreciation-neo mannerist. His last Swiss painting showed soldiers swearing an stuff, but Fusel’s mind was elsewhere. He wanted his paintings to be revolution, not Just to glorify it. His images conclude that come from classical and mannerist traditions with others that are specific to the Nordic and English painting, reflecting the sublime conception manifested in art and English literature of the XVIII century.

One of his most remarkable paintings The Dismissing of Adam and Eve from Paradise is in the collection of the MAFIA (Museum of Fine Arts Houston), one of the most prestigious places of our space city. The art work is oil canvas the dimensions of the painting are about 150 x 73 CM. The Dismissing of Adam and Eve from Paradise consist of four shapes. The setting of the painting is set black, Fusels makes the place seam bleakly and depressingly empty, we can get a sense of loss and starkness.

Adam and Eve are standing bare, were Adam is holding even as she faints. Eve hides her face with her hands because she knows what she committed. God discovered them they have eaten from the Tree of Knowledge. Within the Tree lived a giant serpent, which tempts Eve with a piece of fruit. Once eating this piece of fruit, she knew what was right and wrong. She became a freethinking woman, the veil of ignorance lifted from her eyes. She in turn went to Adam, and offered him the fruit, which he ate, as well.

Finding them hiding in the Garden, realizing that Adam and Eve knew of their nudity what had happened. They had in fact had eaten from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge. In his anger, he sends the Archangel Michael to banish them into the arid, dry land surrounding the Paradise of Eden, never to return again . In the left side, we can see the Archangel Michael that is looking down at Adam and Eve, the Archangel is sending them away from the Garden of Eden.

A faded image of face appears to the right side of the painting, the face seems to be God, watching over them. Continuing with the details about the principles and elements of design that I was able to appreciate in this representational painting, the only light areas are the characters of the Angel, Adam and Eve; with God Just barely visible in the dark background, the angel seems to be Just a blur like a ghost in light white creamy color; around it has like a orange color to green gray color.

The color of Adam and Eve is a white cream, it has good contrast where you can see the shadows. The painting has a very good value with the color black makes the darkness of the painting, then the lightness of bodies makes them stand out. The brightness of the angel, Adam and Eve against the darkness of the background creates. Adam and Eve appear to be lit by moonlight, based on the dark surroundings and pure white of their skin. The visual texture of the pure whiteness may also symbolize their innocence, as well.

There’s no negative space and also there is a over Eve’s lower extremities, to give a sense of her purity, and to contrast the shapes of this painting deviate from the rules of anatomy lessons and give rise to new fantastic sensual creatures. Fusel’s work has a distinctly theatrical, not Just the issues, but because of his plastic ensue of the images, on whose behalf flees Renaissance perspective. The Dismissing of Adam and Eve from Paradise is a great work of art that makes me realized that we all are vulnerable to fail and make others to do the same mistakes as we do.

This painting depicts the Catholic belief, all humans know who Adam and Eve were, what was their mistake and they were banished from Eden. I can infer that love is projected painting a pure love that after their fault it came to be more passions. We focused image in our minds that we could translate it into a minting similar to the one made by Henry Fusels, obviously everyone has different techniques. The focal point of this painting is definitely Adam and Eve, occupy almost all the space, and it is interesting as in seconds you can define what this painting represents, religiously and morally.

Interesting the way this painting caught my attention from a few meters away, it has to be something very interesting to my sight to this can happen. Everything in the painting seems to work together to create a perfect sense of unity that emanates intrigue and romanticism, definitely a work of art Make a critique about a work of art is not an easy task, you have to even observe every detail meticulously and develop your own ideas even though you know many of the details already.

I can conclude that this assignment allowed me to know more about our museum and so I can see various works of art, this led me to discover one of the most extraordinary paintings I’ve ever seen. I learned that art is something that is prevalent for centuries, thus we have to appreciate every little piece of art today, tomorrow it will be gold. Art plays a very important role in the history of our humanity s well as in the future evolution of our society.

We all have an artist inside, if you learn to find him out, you will discover how you going to be fed in mind and knowledge. Works Cited Henry Fusels (1741-1825), The Dismissing of Adam and Eve from Paradise, oil canvas, c. 1805, 150×73 CM, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, The artist was Henry Fusels, a Swiss who moved to London in 1779. His last Swiss painting showed soldiers swearing an oath on their swords typical 18th-century art about revolution. It was workmanlike stuff, but Fusel’s mind was elsewhere. He

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