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Xin Zhang ART 185 Dr. Ann Wicks Museum trip in Miami Miami has a spot collecting art works in the western quad of the oxford campus. Frankly, I would never go to the art museum which is located at the west side of our campus, if I was required to complete this assignment. Once I was standing at the gate of the Art Museum, I was amazed at the design of this gallery. The gallery is designed in a modern style with random pattern, perfectly fits into its geological condition. This museum is beautiful. The sculpture by the entrance is very abstract.

It looks like a big metal coin but is distorted in the middle. Going into the building, there are a lot of art works inside. One of the interesting things is that the main lighting supply to this building is not traditional electricity. The eco-light—sunlight—is responsible for lighting the whole building. This design is welcomed by the public since it makes the gallery looks fascinating, but also makes the building environment friendly. The museum has two parts on collections, temporary and permanent collections.

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Permanent area has those art pieces such as paintings, models and sculptures. Temporary collections exhibits art works on different topics. All artworks there are very fantastic. The most artwork that strikes me is the combination of Chinese traditional clothing. It is composed by a jacket, a pair of men’s shoes, and another pair of women’s shoes. These three pieces are very fabulous that can be symbols of Chinese ancient clothing culture. The jacket is made by silk and cotton in the 20th century.

It was designed for females since it has many silk flowers on it. Moreover, voile laces are used on this jacket. It shows the status in the family and the financial condition of the family. As I learnt, clothing is very important in China in ancient period. This garment has flowers on arms but the color is orange. It means the people who wore this jacket at that time was a concubine because the us e of color shows the information of the people. Orange usually appies to those people with lower level.

The men’s shoes are also very interesting. Not only for it is designed for is the shape of the feet, but also it designed with different decorations. This pair of shoes was decorated by tiger’s head. It is a sign for showing the brave of men. It looks very enjoyable. This museum trip brought me another view on Miami and I love the museum very much. Furthermore, I enjoy the advantage of taking art courses because I can understand the artworks better through the knowledge I learnt in the class.

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