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Reaction paper to the National Museum of the Philippines The outside architecture of the museum says it all. It was built really for a special reason. And that reason is to be a home to our country most phenomenal items like paintings made by our national artists, fossils of our great ancestors and many more. And as I tour the inside of it, the more I understand things my and HISTORY teachers are saying. It really helps a lot in my understanding. It’s like coming alive from our books.

In here you can see it more closely and you can really appreciate it. Unlike in our books, it’s really boring. Now I understand why many of us think that History is a boring subject. You really need to visit what our books and teachers are talking about. It really changed my perception about History Subject. Now I have more appreciation for museums. I also like the cleanliness of the museum. It adds on the beauty of the museum. Also the staff was dedicated and nice. I also enjoyed touring because of the reconditioning of the museum.

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It was not cheap. But I noticed that there are empty rooms. I also noticed a good thing that there were renovations being made. I hope the government does not forget to give importance to our national museum. But one thing I do not like is the cost of the museum. It’s too much for a museum. I think it should be free for all, so that everybody can appreciate it. But to end up my reaction paper, I’m really glad to see the inside of the national museum. Not only my perception changed but also it’s a great learning experience for me.

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