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Expectations from Students: a. Students must report to the respective sessions well before the announced time. Latecomers will not be permitted to Join the class after the scheduled time. If late, the attendance for that session will be marked as absent. B. Read the Case Study / material well prior to the class discussion. He/she is also expected to read the chapter indicated in the course plan as the faculty directs. C. In the class discussion student is expected to participate actively and contribute to individual and group learning. Evaluation is based on active participation. D.

The participation has to be relevant and meaningful. “Speaking for speaking sake” will be counter- productive. Participation by Just repeating a point made or picking on what someone has said will also be counter-productive. E. Evaluation is a continuous process at BIBS. Every student needs to be aware of the timeliness given in the section below. Absence from these evaluations will mean non awarding of marks in that particular component f. Wherever applicable, group assignments require each student to contribute to the roof effort. This enhances group effectiveness and leads to greater appreciation of working in groups. G.

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Formal dressing is suggested for all students. Do not roam in the academic area/ attend classes in chapels / shorts / informal t shirts h. Students are expected to show high regard and appreciation for class discipline and desist from using mobile phones. This disturbs the class ambiance and unnecessarily diverts attention of other students as well as the faculty member. To avoid these, mobile phones should be switched off inside the classroom. I. I have given a scheduled consultation hour. Utilize this time to meet me and clarify doubts if any, seek explanations and get mentored if needed. J. Attendance is compulsory in all sessions.

However refer to guidelines in your academic handbook for exceptions. Honor Code: Unfair practices in tests and plagiarism in assignments / project work will straight away entail a ZERO to all involved parties. It is not relevant for me to know the source and destination of plagiarism. Class Organization Class Representative One of you will be elected / selected by consensus as Class Representative for the CM course. S/he will be responsible for class room arrangements, dealing with academic office, for communicating information from me to the class and also to collect all assignments / project works and deliver them to me.

Class Discipline Students must occupy their seats on/before the scheduled time and must remain seated until I announce the closure of the session. Students must have their name plates on the desk. Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the class. Students must bring calculator and the text book to every class. While we may work & EXAMINATIONS. Students are free to ask questions/doubts/clarifications in the class on topics under discussion. For other doubts, they should meet me in my office during consulting hours.

Evaluation Timeliness Keeping in line with continuous evaluation at BIBS the following schedules have been drawn. Students are expected to go through the dates / sessions mentioned and prepare accordingly. Component Component Number Expected slot / due date Marks declaration by Weighted Class Participation After completion of Session 1 1 Session 12 10 2 After completion of Session 22 Session 23 3 After completion of Session 30 Session 31 -rest – 1 Session 9 Session 10 -rest – 2 Session 17 Session 18 -rest – 3 Session 30 End exam At the end of the semester Total Performance till Midterm will be announced by end of session No. 6 in each course which means each student will know his / her performance in one CPA and two Tests. The final result will be declared after the end examinations. Before the student takes the end examination he / she will be aware of the progress in each course up to an extent of 60 marks. Students not taking the evaluation according to the timeliness mentioned above will not be given another opportunity except in extremely rare circumstances.

It is should be noted, though, that the make exam would be of a higher difficulty level than the regular exam (because the student get extra time) Notes: 1. Make up test for Test- 1 & Test – 2 are permitted only in EXCEPTIONAL cases. I must be convinced about the reason in advance. It is should be noted, though, that the make exam would be of a higher difficulty level than the regular exam (because the student gets extra time). 2. Students with less than 60% attendance on the date of any evaluation component ill be awarded F grade for that component.

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