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So we still have to learn and “download” the programs into our “computer. ” For example, cheating, a lot of students do it at school. When a student does not understand the material, he or she ends up copying Off Of another classmate for homework assignments. By test day, the teacher is not going to give the student a pass and let him go off the hook just because he didn’t get the material. He will still have to take the test.

But he did not understand the material, so what does he do? He copies again. Copying does not help a student learn anything. The brain has nothing to do with copying. It is not like the brain will automatically change all the confusing text to something much similar for the student to understand. Copying might download a little bit of information into his brain/computer but overall the student did not know or understand it. By the end of the day, he will know very little about the subject UT that is still more than he started with.

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Machines are given numerous simple instructions that turn into complicated tasks. Machines also do not think, they just do what they are told. Scarlet questions whether or not the person understands the Chinese being given to him. Then he argues that without understanding a language there is basically no way that the brain is like a computer. There were books for the person to reply back to the outside Chinese people. The books in this case were like programs that were downloaded and deleted after.

The person did not learn it or know it prior to the conversation. The person was simply following instructions to complete his or her task. Believe reading helps learning because when we read, we remember the facts and in a way, it is like downloading new programs and applications onto a computer. Just like the man inside of the locked room. He had to read to be able to write all the Chinese symbols so he can communicate with the outsiders.

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