Century Reflection Paper Assignment

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They weren’t positive because I allowed three of my teammates to control what went on the learning team assignments and from this lead to a catastrophe. Eve learned that everyone are human beings first and those human beings have emotions or feelings. I learned that peace is the ultimate ending but not always does it end in harmonize matrimony. So with this being said separation is sometimes appropriate in unreasonable situations. In all these groups , “members work with one another to achieve their goals: hey don’t just get on with their jobs and leave other people to get on with theirs. (Englander & Wynn, ,p. 2). This is how teams in the workplace should be used. Education, athletics, and arts also play big roles in teamwork and should collaborate as well working together to bring great success. Advantages to teamwork in my words are everyone working together on one accord achieving one vision, goal, and specific achievement. At Delegated we are considered the Answer Center the place where students can come and chive “one stop shop” answers to achieve higher enrollment results.

Specialists goals are to make sure that every student that we come in contact with leave satisfied and knowledge. An example of teamwork in my workplace considers everyone on staff speaking the same language and fulfilling every need to everyone that enters our center. If a student approach my desk I need to satisfy Admissions, Registrar, and Financial Aid requirements as well as other Specialists. Also need to make sure that the student understands how to manage their dent account and email.

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If we all work together on these terms as a team, we have accomplished the task set before us and our enrollment grows. Stronger team skill can benefit me because it allows me to be stronger in areas that I am weak. Teams have to acknowledge the fact that no one person can think for everyone. It is when teams can collaborate and everyone brainstorms and share ideas that are effective and have more lasting results. I can use teamwork skills to help advance my tools that I bring both to my workplace and my career.

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