Community Service to Aid Humanizing the Self Assignment

Community Service to Aid Humanizing the Self Assignment Words: 610

Opener building on areas of agreement Not all people are willing to spend their time doing community service especially teenagers. They think they could be doing something that might actually benefit from instead of work and at the same time, it raise up a question – why call it work” when they are forced to do it? But trust me, doing community service is a process of learning through actions. They deal with the society as in “lived text” and the society is the source of information. This is much a hands-on experience through academic studies. Statement of specific purpose Consider community service to aid humbugging self.

Preview of main points The reasons you should consider community service is important : Improves self- image Eject selfishness Round out education Some of you may think that community service is not important and burdening the students’ life as they already have tons of assignment that they have to complete within certain time. It will only waste their time because they will not get anything out of it. Even so, it actually helps in improving self-image indirectly. Body Community service is voluntary work that is done for free in order to assist people or vive back to the community.

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Individuals that do community service can gain understanding of self-worth, especially those who are raised in poor family. They tend to see the value of work and helping others. Besides, doing community service is one of the great ways and opportunity to aid others in need as the teenagers do not have much time to contribute to the society. Virtuous characters are also being built throughout the service. Taking time out of your busy week to help others without a significant benefit is an amazing way to take part in community.

Numbers of people might think that community service should be done out of the goodness of the heart, not by a high school requirement. However, every one of you will be amazed to know that community service can eject selfishness in self. Being required to do community service may not please everyone, but when it comes down to doing community service, it pushes our limits to be energetic and contribute towards the society. It pushes you to be active in your community instead of being at home and watching television. Community service should not feel like a burden but a gift that allows you to be yourself.

Practicing how to manage community service into their time demonstrates their ability to time-schedule. In addition, community service is a way for students to connect into the real world. TRANSITION : Adding another requirement for students to graduate would discourage students from wanting to get their studies finished. I will now prove to you that students shall not only benefit from the grading perspective yet also round out their education. Teenagers should be required to do community service. There is no better way to bring a little of the real world into the teenagers’ soul.

Requiring a certain amount of community service would give a student responsibility for something more than Just their grades. It will give them a better picture of what goes on in the real world outside of their high school life. Community service might also help some high school students to identify areas that they would enjoy working later on. Summary I hope I have influenced you to ponder community service to assist humbugging self. Take note : community service aids in improving self-image community service could eject selfishness community service round out education Memorable concluding remarks

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