Community Profile Presentation Assignment

Community Profile Presentation Assignment Words: 600

The profiles add by each member of Team D had many saltcellars and differences because each viewpoint draws a parallel how each member expects socially responsible people should behave. Team D should view these differences and similarities as important statements to heed because it provides an environment of interaction between ideas and thoughts that demonstrate Team D will work as a community similar to the expectations each member has for the residents in his or her ideal city, we will now call Ethically.

Each member of the team represented a community built on harmony, environmental awareness, and a “real” sense of what he word community means. Community in the City of Ethically, as unanimously represented, is a city built with a master plan to attract businesses that would allow for slow and measurable growth. This allows the rural town to expand and mature into a “bedroom community” size from which additional growth may be expected because of the healthy environment and business atmosphere.

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Socially responsible behavior within each representative community is reflected as a wholly positive influence on the health and well-being of community members. Team D members had their main focus on he City of Ethically establishing an area that brings the residents together with a goal to keep everyone happy, safe, and thriving. The city Is known for Its booming community and social responsibility Is demonstrated through active roles that make the community better. Team D members consistently kept that Idea of working together to make the community better.

The only significant difference was the priority of goals, such as the future progress of the city. Some members thought that maintaining the city’s natural resources Is Important, and others thought that peeping order and personal responsibility Is an effective way to preserve an efficient city. When describing the community of Deathlessly, each teams profile was very similar when evaluating the overall core of the community. Team D all seemed to represent City of Ethically as a diverse, engaging, appealing responsible community.

Ethically, like most other cities, is expected to hold a strong sense of community that they have gained through various communities engaging in activities such as parades, fairs, and sporting events. These events have affected the community’s sense to be socially responsible. Through Team Ad’s profiles there is an overwhelming sense of social responsibility that helps maintain the natural resources, safety, and charm of the community. Team D members seem to be on the same page, as far as what a social responsible community should be.

Team D members see the City of Ethically as a place to raise a family and build relationships. Like one team D member called it the “All American City” and this is the American goal. Some prefer the environmental way, like going green, and others saw the growth away from a rural area to the city type. Both ways have the same social responsibility of creating great city. Team D members saw that coming together as a community could lead to a city of charm and harmony.

Team D similarities and differences give evidence that similar goals are common but how to accomplish those goals had their differences. Each member understood that community is more than a collective people, but that it requires an interactive role in helping society. Each member of Team D has also accomplished the same goal of accomplishing an interactive role in finishing the assignment reflecting the expectation of how a socially responsible individual should perform.

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