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Bobby Sander MGMT 3000 Summer 2010 Motivation Post-Presentation Report Due to the Team Charter, all of the “ice-breaking” was far behind us and our mutual trust was still high. We did very well working together on our previous project and had great results. We did, however, experience the “forming” stage for this project. We held back for a little bit to see who would take charge of our new assignment. I was the leader for the Team Charter and thought I would give my other team members a chance to lead.

We then realized that we didn’t have time to play games because we were the first group presenting in just a few days. We then selected three leaders for the three different sections of the project according to our strengths; Marlo: written report. Nate: PowerPoint and hand-out. Jason: Time and presentation. The “storming” stage was the easiest transition for us. We all knew each others goal and expectations. We are not procrastinators and all have a strong desire to settle for nothing but our best. We accepted our roles and pressed forward.

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We experienced no power struggles. We should have changed our team name to “Group Cohesiveness” because that’s exactly what we became. Each member on our team is very different, so it would seem impossible for us to work together. This was not the case. We respect each other and became good friends. I began to notice us Stage four was the most important for us. Due to the time constraints, we couldn’t afford to hamper each other. Of course, we had a few bumps in the road, but those problems were handled efficiently though good communication (i. . constant text messaging and frequent group meetings). This was the most enjoyable stage for us. The last few days of the project everything smoothly came together. We got so much done in so little time – we were pumping on all cylinders. Adjourning; my favorite part! The work is done. We worked hard and finished strong. However, there was no need for us to throw a party or have a celebration. The feeling of accomplishment and being proud of our work surpasses any punctuation that we could of possibly mustard up.

As a look back, it’s interesting to see how our team naturally and unconsciously followed the “Group Development Process. ” This process really helped us transform into a team. I believe our group succeeded as a team because of our strong work ethic, communication, leadership, and our shared common goal. I learned a lot form this project that will help me in future projects. One of the most valuable things I learned was how to compromise. There were many things I disagreed with or had different opinions about.

For example, I felt that showing both of the motivational theories on one slide would be better for the class to learn so they could compare them. Another team member though it was too cluttered. We were both suborned at first, but then realized the benefits of both situations. We decided to keep both of the theories on the same slide, but animated them so one shows up at a time. Compromising is so important when working with a team. We are all so different and we can’t get what ever we want, but we can put our differences aside and compromise.

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