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To the DiSC Profile System, The DiSC profile system is a specialized profile assessment system. It is designed to provide takers with a clue into which personality category they fall. Each character is carefully laid out to determine which profile best suits you. In brief, the profile consists of four categories that include dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness.

Each profile consists of a description of various tendencies, the preferred environment where they feel most comfortable, the type of people they need to be associated with, and lastly, what is needed to be more effective. Someone in the dominance profile would emphasize controlling the environment to accomplish goals, and they are more apt to overcome opposition. An influential type tends to try persuading others. A steady individual relies on cooperating with others under current circumstances to complete the task.

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An individual with a conscientious profile would ensure accuracy while not jeopardizing quality or accuracy. Behavior—Strengths After completing the personal profile instrument, the results determined that I fall into the perfectionist profile pattern. Not at all enjoying being labeled, I am making a strong commitment to going with the flow. Interestingly enough, some of my strengths include loyalty, patience, family oriented, easy going, and one who resists change. I am totally in agreement with the descriptions from Inscape Publishing and how the profile assessment was presented.

One of my strengths emphasized in the profile is having a deliberate demeanor. I believe my military experience played a very important role in this characteristic. Prior to that, like a majority of teenagers today, I was one of the wishy-washiest people you’d encounter. Being in the military; away from home and away from family and friends (except for my twin brother who was also with me), one tends to adapt quickly and follow instructions exact and with purpose. One of my duties in basic training was a chow runner.

This was an individual who was asked to get a specific time for my flight (group) as well as myself to eat. This is very similar to a dinner reservation. I did this three times a day. In order to get a time, I had to approach a table with 3 to 4 drill sergeants also known as the snake pit staring, what seemed to be, right through me. I marched with poise and a determined cadence. They would look for any apprehension or what they would detect as fear or uneasiness. As I spoke, “Sir Airmen Mobley reports as ordered.

Sir, request chow time for flight 652. ” One of the drill sergeants would then provide me with a chow time and note the clipboard on the table. This was very difficult for me in the beginning, in fact, a challenging assignment for me during those 6 weeks. I eventually learned that they were looking for individuals that were lacking character. They were looking for the slightest mistake or flaw to expose so that they could show you what you needed to work on such as confidence level and apprehension. Behavior—Weaknesses

As far as my weaknesses are concerned, I have to go with the fact that I’m not very spontaneous and very rarely share my opinion, unless I’m asked. The one area I’d really like to work on is being more factual. Co-Worker Survey After completing the survey and exploring how others perceived me, I’ve come to the conclusion that I agree with my co-workers. They all chose High “S” except for one individual; I’m not so sure he understood me very well. He ended up choosing High “I” to describe me. I was interested to see how my co-workers responded to the survey, and I thought there would be more disparity between them.

I wonder though, how the survey would have turned out if I had given it to co-workers that didn’t know me as well or had not spent time with me on a project. Completing this assignment has helped me better understand what characteristics I possess and which ones I need to work on to turn them into strengths instead of weaknesses. Effective Strategies One way to be more effective is to take advantage of working with individuals that I’m not accustomed to. GE tends to provide courses during the year for project management.

I recently completed Change Acceleration Process and Project Managers Toolkit courses. Both were very good classes. I learned to use tools for becoming organized and how to send clear, thought-provoking messages that are brief and to-the-point. Conclusion This profile instrument was very informative and at the same time confirmed the characteristics that I thought I possessed. Each one of us has some characteristics that are assets and some that need work—strengths and weaknesses that we all possess. As employees in a company, all of our characteristics work together as part of the business.

Being part of a business or the corporate world, we all have different tasks, talents, and characteristics that we bring to the organization. People work together, much like organs as they function together within a human body. “Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others” Romans 12:4 (New International Version). It takes time and effort to develop as a well-rounded individual. Potentially, no one employee is better than another based on a set of characteristics.

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