Communicating through Diction Assignment

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The two examples of acronyms used are “A-SAP” for “as soon as possible” and “A-WOOL” for “absent without leave. An example of idiom use is in this statement, “It’s time to get sloshed, the green beans are here and we must take out the brown beans. ” The definition of a “green bean” is a fresh arrival compared to a “brown bean” which is a ember departing a temporary assignment. Military Linguistics is a traditional language among adults in the armed forces and used with an attitude of authority with blunt and brash tones. These three different forms of English are all used differently and only fit in their individual worlds.

The infant would not be able to comprehend either the Valley’s or military lingo. The Valley’s is not understood by the infant because at this stage the infant only recognizes sounds and not sarcasm. In addition, the infant would probably start to cry if a drill sergeant ere to start yelling commands in Military-Talk. The adolescent practicing in the art of Valley’s would probably ignore both Baby-Talk and military lingo, as these two are not in their social sphere.

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Both Baby-Talk and Valley’s are expressive languages compared to military terminology where there is only room for conciseness. The military person must speak only to convey a message. Each type has a unique creative aspect to them to convey a message; the gargling cooing of Baby-Talk to test-out sounds, to the articulation of Valley’s to dramatist a thought UT loud and the art of shortening and quickly conveying a message through acronyms in the military.

These three examples Just barely skim the surface of the different dialects used to convey the English language. Works Cited BIBLIOGRAPHY Clueless. Dir. Amy Heckling. Peer. Alicia Siltstone. 1995. Comedy. Full Metal Jacket. Dir. Stanley Cubic. Peer. R Lee Remy. 1987. Drama. Look Who’s Talking. Dir. Amy Heckling.

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