Malvolio’s Character in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night Assignment

Malvolio’s Character in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night Assignment Words: 550

How is Millions character developed in the letter essence (Act 2, scene 5) of Shakespeare ‘Twelfth Night? The play Twelfth Night is one to Shakespearean most celebrated comedy, which does have difficult plots that result in hilarious culminations. Len the comedy Shakespeare uses the love triangle Shakespeare has formed an evenly confusing subplot involving Million and the other members of Olive’s staff. The main plot and subplot are associated as they are both investigating the manifestations f love The subplot embraces the staff of Olive’s household by playing a trick on Million from the treatment he gives them earlier in the play.

Shakespeare presents Mullion as a posh, upper-class servant who is self-obsessed and ‘stuck up’. Million sees himself as ‘higher’ than everyone else just like the puritans. He dresses in black and never laughs see a smile on his face. The puritans were a religious group, who didn’t like Christmas and other entertainment and were very boring people-Million treats Others as if he is their better than them, he also wants to marry Olivia so he can become a count.

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The motive Sir-Toby wants revenge on him is because Million had told Sir-Toby and Sir-Andrew Off for their drunkenly behavior, they were singing at the top of there voices late at night, this could have woken up the entire household. Million also tells Toby that Olivia only cares for him as a relative and is prepared to kick him out of the house if he continues his troublesome behavior; however, this is not correct. This is the season for Sir-Taboo’s revenge on Million.

Maillot’s character makes him the perfect target for Maria and Sir Taboo’s joke In the letter scene, we see another side to Million. He finds the letter and he straight away believes that Olivia is retiring to him in the letter. He then thinks aloud, he falls into a daydream seeing his fantasy about himself, This will show the audience how self-obsessed he is. For example: “l will be proud, I will read politic_ authors, will baffle Sir-Toby, and I was of gross acquaintance. Wink Shakespeare wants the audience to have sympathy for him as Million is acting like a fool and doesn’t know it When the letter tells him to act proud and haughty, this only gives him go-ahead to show how he already feels. His own personal pride causes him to act as foolishly as he does. This is Maillot’s downfall however; it is not caused by madness. Almost everybody in this play is silly at one time or another, unlike the others, Million cleanly cannot laugh at himself, cannot make out his own faults In the scene here Million confronts Olivia in reply to the letter; it centered on Maillot’s appearance as he is cross and upset.

Olive’s worried expressions when Maillot’s dropped hints that he had acknowledged and understood the letter she didn’t know about. Maillot’s actions towards Olivia Which would be affected by his feelings towards her, the audience would find this funny as Olivia would think that he was acting very oddly. At this stage Shakespeare makes you feel sorry for Million as he has made a fool of himself in front of Olivia without realizing it.

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