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his unit is about being able to identify the different types of resources available to managers, select and plan for their use, and monitor and review their effectiveness In the pursuit of organizational objectives. Scenario Learners may use their own employment context, or that of another organization with which they are very familiar, to base their assignment.

However, in the case that they are not able to do so, please use the below scenario- If you will be using a scenario please select and research an organization of your hooch and Identify a department within the organization. Imagine you manage 6 staff within the department and have a range of human, physical and financial resources you are responsible for managing to help you achieve your objectives. Provide details of your research and a short summary of the information you have found in order that the assessor may contextual your responses to the tasks below.

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The summary is expected to be between 200 and 250 words. Tasks Describe the types of human, physical and financial resources that managers use to enable them to achieve organizational objectives. Provide at least one example off human, physical and financial resource and link these to your own objectives as a departmental manager. Guideline word count 300 ; 350 words A. C. 1. 1 ; Identify those resources required to format objectives Task 2 Draw up an annual plan of the human and physical resources you require to meet your objectives over the course of a twelve month period.

Specify the quantities of each resource required on a monthly basis and ensure you plan for any seasonal peaks and troughs. Include a column for the allocation of costs or budget. You will be expected to allow for Issues eke multiple pay rates or time off In lieu, and for consumable, materials or utilities price fluctuations. Use work based examples where possible. Otherwise provide an annual plan of resources to meet a set of objectives which you can provide from external research, as outlined in the scenario above. Guideline word count 650 – 700 words A. C. 1. – Explain the process of planning resource use to achieve objectives A. C. 1. 3 – Identify the costs associated with the resources required to achieve objectives Task 3 Identify from where the resources In your plan at task 2 will be obtained. Discuss the reliability of each of these sources and the value for money they represent (quality of the goods or service supplied compared with the cost). Discuss the processes you have in place to select suppliers, order, receive and pay for goods and services and the quality checks that are made on receipt or usage. Examples should be provided for both human and physical resources.

Explain how these processes could be managed to ensure you have sufficient resources at all times to meet demand so that you are able to provide a continuous service to internal or external customers. Guideline word count 650 – 700 words A. C. 2. 1 – Evaluate sources of supply to meet planned objectives A. C. 2. 2 – Explain processes to manage the supply, continuity and quality of resources to meet plans Task 4 Describe the contingency arrangements that you have in place, or could put in place, to ensure your part of the organization continues to operate In the event of a resource supply failure.

Identify the cost Implications of alternative supply. Provide practical examples Tort Don unman Ana Pensacola resources Dates on your experience In ten workplace or using the scenario above. Describe at least one forecasting model which can be used to predict potential disruptions in supply. Provide an outline of what is meant by disaster planning. Guideline word count 450 – 500 words A. C. 2. 3 – Describe strategies used to predict and manage disruption in resource supply and the associated costs Task 5 Explain how the use of both human and physical resources is recorded.

Provide examples of typical reporting arrangements for each and their frequency. Describe at least two different methods of comparing actual resource usage against forecast requirements and identifying variances. Discuss the subsequent forward planning that leads from identification of variances, including examples of actions that may be undertaken as a result. Use practical examples where possible. Guideline word count 650 – 700 words A. C. 3. 1 – Review progress of actual resource use against planned resource use A. C. 3. 2 – Discuss methods of recording and reporting resource use A.

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