Characterize the Daily Life of a Woman in the West Assignment

Characterize the Daily Life of a Woman in the West Assignment Words: 678

Facts About the West- Where Are the Black Folks?? Or, for That Matter Where Is the Vaquero the Essential By learning’s unit Three Chapter 18 Writing Assignment During the late sass’s to early SASS women In the west were valued In their work In the home, on the streets and some women during this time played the same roles as men being Cowgirls. However, women mainly held their responsibilities In the home. Women played the role of a wife, a mother, a seamstress and often nurses.

Their domestic duties Including gassing their children, farm work, gathering food and milk along with utilizing their sewing skills. These women had much to do while often their husband is out looking for gold, working from dusk to dawn laboring and doing the other duties that were not as common for the wives to be doing. Often there was so much work to be done in the home that women would have their children assist them with household duties and work on the farm by age nine. Women of this time spent many hours at home and away from their husbands.

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Labor Jobs seemed to be an excellent job during the right season. The Cowboy and the migrant worker; Mexicans, Chinese, and even African Americans would round up cattle. In return of the labor of walking thousands of miles and herding ass’s of cattle they would get paid a hefty amount of money. There were about 25% of black cowboys that would work as Cowboys during the years of 1870-1885. Some African American’s were so skilled that one particularly Bill Pickett being called the “Greatest Cowboy’ winning competitions with the reputation of his tricks and stunts.

Many of these cowboys during this time were making a lot of money. With the money that they would make they would often go Into town and spend or blow their money on working women. Many women now have en tired of working in the home and not feeling respected. They were tired of not being paid the amount they felt was necessary to survive. Many teens and younger unmarried women would work the streets and be paid per visit by another man, usually a cowboy.

Women that were predominantly In the Mexican communities were quickly entering a new era close to the end of the century. Selling produce, working as seamstresses and laundresses was how they were able to make ends meet. However, It was shortly after when women lost status wealth the community. Mexicans found fewer options and quickly they were making below what was average pay for that time. Even though these times were tough, Mexicans still manage to preserve their heritage and religious beliefs which kept their community and heritage growing and strong.

Although it appears that women mainly stayed at home, there was a portion of the population where the women fought just as hard as the men. These women built reputations of being the wildest of them all. With a quo KC craw or Just as Drive as a man, teen would ROR Tanks or ROR ten roll to gain power and support of their needs for their families. Some women were so talented that they were able to travel and put on shows like Anne Oakley. This was the new rend of what was consider a win in the war. There was entertainment and celebrations of “Winning of the West”.

At the turn of the century, many American imagined this land as a promise for opportunities. Even with this positive movement, there were still many outlaws that fled towns and caused havoc. The outlaws played another percentage in history that included Women to be involved in. These women were also outlaws and running from the law taking their families and traveling state to state once they feared of being caught. Overall, women were still not as respected and times were still ahead of fighting to have be treated more equal.

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