Celenia HIPAA Privacy Training Tutorial Assignment

Celenia HIPAA Privacy Training Tutorial Assignment Words: 288

A privacy and content to work with more certainty about which health treaty difference and the deflation of each specific Information that can Implement me the service and will be more security In the course that can studying and the process that will to get started upon a accomplish as health care worker will help me to understanding how I can be carefully with the false identity theft and others information that will need to know during taking this course that will elf me to improve in the future.

Word count is no less than 75 but no more that 150 – points Grammar and spelling- 0/2 points PAP format 0/3 points Included reference page 0/2 points Student Included: Summary of what you learn. Points Total points: 8 Clean, Word Count 110 5/15 I have to admit I am a bit disappointed. We both have had many conversations about the Associate Level Writing Style Handbook. You have emailed me and asked for extra credit but the assignment above is written very poorly. This whole paragraph is lacking any punctuation. There is no page numbers, no headers, no title page, no PAP ornamenting or Reference page included.

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Your summary is very weak. I cannot even understand your thoughts. To answer your question on how can you raise your grade; follow the instructions given to you within the assignment, participate in class discussions In a way that It contributes to class readings, and cite your discussions In PAP format. Add a reference page when needed. Visit the Center for Writing Excellence and read requirements of Associate level of Writing attached below. HTTPS://campus. Phoenix. Deed/secure/pad/CHEW/PDF/ Associate_level_writing_style_handbook. PDF Good luck, Claudia Lewis

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