The Chefs’ House menu Assignment

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What steps should be taken? The manager makes a mistake and the resort has to pay. In the second Case Study, by being knowledgeable about white wine; I have been given a chance to add three white wines to The Chefs’ House menu. This assignment also replaces the midterm and gives everyone a chance to do better. Summary – Remarkable Service: The Big Day Liana and Victor are getting married and they wanted to have an amazing wedding reception that everyone would remember. The couple wanted to have their reception o be held on this small island about 10 miles away from a resort.

As they approached the hotel banqueting manager, Franco; Franco assured that he will make sure they have a wonderful day. The only concern for Franco was that he never catered outside the resort. He did not want to let go of this opportunity and decided to cater for this function at all costs. As getting the food and beverages to the island Nas a difficult task, the food was not at the right temperatures. Everything went well on that day but two days after; 46 guests of that party got Food Poisoning, and now he resort is getting a lot of bad publicity.

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Poisoning which is also called Food-borne illness, is an illness caused by consuming contaminated food. This occurs when food is not handled properly such as: the temperature is in the danger zone (OFF – OFF) for quite some time or if was not properly cooked. Food poisoning symptoms often include nausea, vomiting or learned, which can start Just hours tater eating contaminated Todd. Most oaten, t poisoning is mild and resolves without treatment. But some cases are severe, which requires hospitalizing. Case Study #1 – Questions and Answers

If you were Franco, what would you have done prior to the event to avoid this Incident? If I were to be Franco and I knew that this might not work as great as it should be, I would tell the couple that the catering of Food & Beverages cannot be transported to the island due to not having the right equipment to keep the food at the right temperature. Despite their request, I would have suggested something else if they still wanted to have the reception at the island. The food could have been prepared at the island itself instead of transporting the already cooked food.

Looking at being sanitary, this would have been a good suggestion for Franco to make, as no one would have gotten food contamination and everything would be safe. In order to train staff to avoid the issue of food poisoning, discuss how you would use the 3 It’s of Service and the 9 Attributes of Remarkable Service in staff training? The 3 RSI of Service – Technique, Timing and Team Work. The 3 It’s must be used in this Case Study as without this everything can or will fall apart. Now that the resort is getting bad publicity, what would you advise Franco to do?

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