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Giovanni Corrode Organizational Behavior September 30, 2013 Chapter 7 Assignment The Big Easy 1) In my personal, I’m agree with what the data show because nowadays the students are taking more priority in socializing (party, girls, and other factors) than school. For example I heard some friends saying I’m going to this school because the party time in that school is amazing. Those are some examples of how students are wasting their time. ) In this question I think students do have ethical responsibility to study because the education is the key of success in the majority of the cases. Also, nowadays this society divides the people thru their education status and their knowledge about a topic. 3) This fact concerned me because I’m realizing that older people do have better education than us in this actual world, but at the same time I think the reason of this fact is that before they were not many entertainment and technology as today.

I think that experts in economic are right about the competitiveness because is a fact that education and knowledge are key factors in a business. Case Incident 2 1) Organizational Justice refers to the ethical fairness in a workplace. With this being said, Work Bullying violates the fairness in a workplace because it violates the ethics and the fairness with the employers. 2) I think bullying doesn’t help in a positive way to self-efficacy because a worker suffering bullying does not focus in the work and that reduce the chances of doing a good Job.

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I think that it will depend the situation, if the Job is worth it probably I would retaliate in a good way. 3) The first step that I would do will be talk to president or the manager of the place, and then I would try to how the managers the violation of the boss by reading the handbook of the rules or showing the manager how the boss is bullying me by a record or something similar. The least effective strategy will be to confront the boss that is bullying me and go into a fight or discussion with him.

If one of my colleagues is suffering bullying I will go and talk to the manager the situation because if the boss does that to my colleagues, eventually he will do it to me. 4) In my personal opinion the factors that contribute bullying are lack of discipline, lack of training and lack of professionalism. I think Bullies are a product of a flawed personality, for example a bad experience in the past and passed thru bullying once in their life.

I think one of the situations that contribute the presence of bullies, are those situations in which people have competition in a place and they think that being bullies will help them to win that competition in the workplace. Other factor that contributes to the presence of bullies is the lack of self-esteem, usually the bullies are people that are sad with themselves and being bully make them feel like a superior person. Case 2 incident organizational behavior By gasification

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