Leadership and Organizational Behavior Outline Assignment

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This problem most effects the remaining management and employees of he company This problem has resulted in: c. 1. Poor company performance 2. Poor retention of Executive Management staff 3. Disengagement of existing management staff. 4. Poor communication with China entity 5. Active resistance from China management 6. Organizational freeze during major transition points, I. E transfer of China, exit of the owner from the industry, changes in China operations to leadership. 7. Severe and avoidable liability for the company D.

Problem is most likely symptom of something unique to the background and experience of the chairman. I also believe that it is outside of the appropriate B arena for this behavior. Still investigating an appropriate method of addressing. Literature Review – the foundation of your paper Identification of sources and uses of information 1. The learning Organization: From Dysfunction to Grace. Appears to address a similar situation with a separate organization, providing a reasonable template to start from. . Supervisor-Subordinate Communication: Hierarchal Mum Effect Meets Organizational Learning addresses the psychological aspects of the supervisor-subordinate relationship and the effects it has on communication within the organization. This will help provide insight into immunization issues with the current B topic. 3. The New Science of Building Great Teams directly addresses new concepts in team building and communication and aids in identifying solutions to the current B issue. . Doing Business in China a book on the hurdles of doing business in China and solutions that can be used to overcome. Directly relates to improving relations with the CSV’S division. 5. Thorough the Looking Glass: Reflected Knowledge and Trust in Global Collaboration discusses the challenge of globalization form an B standpoint. Relevant to potential changes and solutions for Summits globalization. A) b) What steps are necessary to prepare Summit Industries for its future?

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Analysis of Problem Causes of problem Inconsistent management policies Still under investigation Counterproductive Business policies Still under Investigation c) Lack of faith in supporting Management (1) Still under investigation c) d) e) f) Leadership and Organizational Behavior concepts present in problem Leadership Styles Communication Teamwork Conflict Negotiation Organizational Design Goal setting Possible Solutions – I believe the problem may require multiple items from this area. Facilitated buyout of current owner utilizing external investors Assignment of new chairman as appointed by the Board of Directors.

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