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IKEA leadership style BY zy09021 Leadership style: Theory and example: Employee-centered behavior: a study of foreman at the International Harvester Company identifies two dimensions of leadership behavior: employee-centered behavior and Job-centered behavior. Define: focusing on relationships and employee needs. Example: h’, deep talk This can make employee think that company cares their idea and emotion; their leaders cared on them not just on completinging Job perfectly. Power theory: from John French and Bertram Raven (1958) five bases of power, here e discuss three of them in detail.

Expert power: Define: the leader has specialized knowledge in completing certain task and this professional skills are valued by team members. Example: sales department manager has great experience Group power: Define: characteristic such as collective problem solving, creative brainstorming and group resolution is greater than the individual contribution. Example: designer brainstorm meetingn????nAiU Reward power: Define: remuneration, awards, compliments, and promotion opportunity; other staff welfare:

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Let me conclude some useful insights for you: with the flat organizational structure, free communication environment, democratic leadership style and effective reward system, Ikea Ningbo did a really great Job not only in selling goods but more importantly in caring employees. Just as every person we interviewed, all of them mentioned one thing: they really enjoy their working time and don’t think working everyday is a great burden. This makes us really wants to work in Ikea in the future. compliments, and promotion opportunity; HE*JIA; other staff welfare:

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