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Carbon dioxide emissions – Assignment Words: 247

Carbon dioxide emissions are one of the most serious issues in the hydrocarbon sector. This is big environmental issue relating to offshore gas development because its process causes direct emissions from production sites through flaring and from burning fossil fuels. There are also risks of injection of carbon dioxide from offshore pumping stations into abyssal depths to accrue as stagnant lakes, and the dropping of solid carbon dioxide into the sea in the shape of dry ice. Gudmestad and fellows (2010) have technically described the hazards of carbon dioxide emissions from the offshore gas development.

The process of separating the CO2 from the natural gas entails combining amine and natural gas in a tank at high pressure and moderate temperature. The amine binds itself to the CO2 and separates out at the bottom of the tank, and is transferred to a new tank where the pressure is lower and the temperature higher.” (Gudmestad, Zolotukhin & Jarlsby 2010, 98)

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Soares (2007) has also talks about technical problems because of the distance of offshore gas development projects. “On the other side of the equation are technical considerations; for example, we coverage and drainage areas, being in mind that distances between offshore wells are far greater than their onshore counterparts.” (Soares 2007, 491)

The current management methods in offshore oil and gas create a number of problems for environment and there is need to introduce measure which could stop adverse effects of offshore oil and gas development on environment.

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