Effects of Urbanization on Environment Assignment

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Urbanization has a tremendous impact on the environment and the links between the two are severely complex (Sanchez-Rodriguez et al., 2005). Urban areas are the primary source of carbon dioxide in the air due to augmented burning of fossil fuels for heating and cooling purposes and from industrial processes. Research confirms that a majority of the carbon emissions are released in urban cities (Svirejeva-Hopkins et al., 2004) and the clearing of land and forests and for building, developing and expansion of cities remains one of the major contributors in the augmentation of carbon levels in the environment. Additionally, transportation in urban areas, for people as well as goods and services contributes substantially to the rise in carbon dioxide in the air. This paper aims to analyze the effects of industrialization on the environment and provides some of the means which can be used to solve the problems caused due to this industrialization, including global warming and severe air pollution. The local effects of urbanization on the environment has been confirmed by studies, which indicate that the construction of cities with the numerous processes involved including the building of roads, buildings, railways and other infrastructure development processes profoundly impact and alter the exchanges of energy, water and flow of air (Landsberg, 1981). The direct emissions of heat, pollution and carbon dioxide negatively impact the climate of urban areas (Landsberg, 1981). One of the most common impacts of urbanization is urban warming which is apparent by the temperatures of cities which is always higher that the surrounding rural areas temperatures in urban areas is confirmed to be higher by one to three degrees as compared to neighboring rural areas (Oke, 1973). Urbanization leads to an increase in activities and the development processes contribute to the temperature and environmental changes which occur, for instance, china has a rapid growth in urban population which directly results in the construction of tall buildings (Whitehand and Gu, 2006). (This is only a random excerpt and should strictly be used as a sample only.

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