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Energy and our Universe Tutor name: Assignment Title: Electricity Assignment: 2. 3 Learner Name Start Date: Deadline: Scenario: You are the chief scientific officer for the National Grid. As part of your Job you research ways of producing electricity and how this electricity can be transmitted efficiently to our homes. You provide advisory materials for the company and members of the public so your communication skills are very important. Assessment Evidence: Unit Grading Criteria 1. 12 The grading criteria that this assignment relates to:

UP Describe how electricity can be produced UP Describe how electrical energy is transferred to the home or Industry UP Describe the use of measuring instruments to check values predicted by Ohm’s law In glen electrical cults MM Compare the efficiency of electricity generated from different sources DO Assess how to minimize energy losses when transmitting electricity and when converting it into other forms for consumer applications Interim Feedback Signature: Date: Summary Assessors Feedback Date: Internal Verifiers Comment Date: I declare that all of the work produced in this assignment is my own.

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Learners Signature Task 1- Produce a diagram explaining how energy can be produced in a battery and by a generator. Task 2- Produce a diagram of the National Grid showing energy transfers or changes. Draw circuit diagrams for common appliances used in the home Task 3- Complete a table to compare energy transfers and efficiencies of different methods of producing electricity. Rank them in order of efficiency Task 4_ Draw a diagram of the National Grid showing energy losses. Explain how energy losses can be minimized when converting it into other forms for use by consumers.

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