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The fax clearly stated “Please loophole or fax an acceptance before 2nd May 2013”. Food SD Bad faxed a letter accepting Curry SD Bid’s proposal at 11 p. M on 30th April 2013. The fax’s report clearly stated that the letter has been sent to Curry SD. Bad. As it was a public holiday on 1st May 2013, the office of Curry SD Bad was closed and nobody knows about the acceptance of Food SD Bad. It was only on the 2nd May 2013 that a staff of Curry SD Bad read the fax. i. ) Discuss whether the acceptance made by Food SD Bad is valid. [1 5 marks] What would be your answer if Curry SD. Bad sent a fax to withdraw the offer on SST May 2013? 15 marks] Question 2 Healthy SD Bad is a company which sells pharmaceutical products in Juror. In July 2013, Healthy SD Bad received an offer from Good Care SD Bad to become its partner in selling pharmaceutical products which Good Care SD Bad manufactured. Mr.. Ram, who is the General Manager of Healthy SD Bad seeks your advice on formation of a partnership in particular between two companies. With reference to the Partnerships Act 1961 and relevant case law, advise Mr.. Ram. [15 marks] Question 3 Auks Usual SD Bad sells sewing machines on both cash terms and on hire- purchase.

Tina, a fashion designer student at Good College bought a new sewing machine from Auks Usual SD Bad on hire purchase. However, after she sign the document and paid ARMOR as deposit, Tina did not get any document from Auks Usual SD Bad as the sales person told her that the hire purchase agreement will be posted to her. Upon reaching home, Tina used the new machine to sew a new silk shirt for her college’s project. However, instead of sewing the pieces of silk cloth together, the sewing machine merely made holes in the cloth. Advice Tina whether she can return the sewing machine and claim back the deposit. Assignment Format: .

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Use double space and 12-point Times New Roman font. B. This assignment should contain about 3000-5000 words (at 15-20 pages). C. Provide references. References should use the American Psychological Association (PAP) format. D. References should be from year 2005 and onwards. Notes: Assignments should be submitted according to the fixed date.

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