In what ways do Shakespeare and Bennet present Tybalt Assignment

In what ways do Shakespeare and Bennet present Tybalt  Assignment Words: 454

For example in the opening scene of R&J we can tell that the characters are disturbed. For example Table says: “art thou drawn amongst these heartless hinds? ‘ Here, Table is pressuring Benevolent into fighting; throughout the play, Venison’s role is a peacekeeper. Shakespeare uses the insult “heartless hinds”, which uses alliteration which emphasizes Table’s rage. This behavior Is violent and disturbs the peace. Another way Table is presented as mentally perplexed is that he is irrationally aggressive.

For example Table says: “What, drawn, and talk of peace! I hate the word, as I hate hell, all Montague and thee! ” This means that he strongly dislikes peace, and that he encourages violence. This means he Is disturbed because he has no valid reason to be aggressive. Shakespeare uses the tripartite sequence “hate hell, all Montague and thee! ” to convey how angry Table Is and how desperate his hatred of the Montague is. It also conveys how much he wants to fight, which again, shows how disturbed he is.

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However, one could also argue that Table has a good reason to outright hate the Montague. Maybe he has been so deeply affected by the two families’ feud that he has an undying need for Montague blood. In some respects Table Is similar to Marjory. For example they both are disturbed characters and are rounded by equally disturbing characters (in some people’s point of view). In the opening of The Outside Dog, Bennett portrays Marjory as a disturbed character.

For example Marjory says: “l Just think it spies on me, that tongue lolling out”. In this line the audience starts to think she Is paranoid. Bennett uses the words “Just think It spies on me” which emphasizes how irrationally paranoid Marjory is being. Just after she says this, she says: “-rakes Tina which was a relief from the woof-woofing plus It gave me a chance to swill”. Here Marjory is saying she got a break from the dog therefore she can frantically clean. This is disturbed behavior because she constantly cleans everything.

You could argue she has a severe case of obsessive compulsive disorder, which would definitely make her more disturbed. Bennett uses the onomatopoeia “woof-woofing” to convey how Immature and childish she Is. She acts as if she was a child but as she is not a child but an adult, it makes her appear Increasingly disturbed. Another way Bennett presents Marjory to be disturbed is that she is always worried that Tina will make a mess. For example she says: “That dog’s house, she will be nagged to clean the whole house. This behavior fortifies her disturbed attitude.

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