Book of Choice Assignment

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Book of Choice One Pager Assignment A one-pager is a way of responding to a piece of writing on a single sheet of paper. It represents your own written and graphic Interpretation of what you have read. It may be very literal or It may be a symbolic representation of the piece. It helps you as a reader to visualize what you are reading.

Directions: Must be on standard sized, unlined paper (whether done by hand or computer) Must fill the entire page Writing must be in ink or typed – no pencil Must Include the title and the author of the book Ђ Must use color unless the book demands black and white The following required elements may be arranged on the page in any way you choose: Must have three or more excerpts from the book (passages or quotes you think are important) Must have a graphic representation: drawing, picture, or graphic that ties to the book you read and the quotes you chose Must Include a personal response to what you read that Includes: Commentary (What did you think of it? ) Interpretation (What larger significance/ theme do you think it’s trying to envoy? ) Evaluation (How successful do you think it is in effectively expressing its meaning? Do you think it was engaging and well-written? ) Book of Choice One Pager Rubric Fills page & contains title and author: 10 points Ties to the book and the quotes: Demonstrates creativity and effort: Contains three relevant excerpts: Personal Response: Contains thoughtful commentary, interpretation, and evaluation 10 points 30 points All quotes and commentary are linked: 10 points

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