Boogers Assignment

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Today, I want you to recall a significant moment in your life. This moment may be happy, sad, scary, etc. In about 500 words, write about this moment. Don’t forget: make a copy of this document, rename it with your name and the assignment by replacing “Copy of” with your name. Share it with me ([email protected] Org and infirmaries. [email protected] Com) and make sure I can edit it. If you get a message that the “document is too popular” then simply create a new document and title it with your

Process: Let this story evolve. Choose an event in your life. Make a list and discover what you want to write about. If you can’t think of anything, write about how you were born. Remember that tall tales deal with fears and obstacles. Choose a moment in your life when you overcame something. Try to capture the moment. For this draft, write about your event in the first person (l, me, my, etc. ). You can switch perspectives later. Product Now, write about this moment as a tall tale: Exaggerate the event and the outcome.

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For example, if you write about your 6th read soccer tryout, exaggerate the obstacles you faced, exaggerate how you overcame them, exaggerate how the news was given (remember Big Fish). Write about your own personal experience in the 3rd person, using he, she, him, her, etc. OR, write your introduction and conclusion in the 3rd person, but write the core of the story in first person. Create a narrator if you can. Who is telling your story? Feel free to use details or work from your other tall tale as well, if they can work together. Otherwise, keep the two separate. Boogers By Goldberg

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