History Assignment

History Assignment Words: 269

Introduction & Purpose The first, and some would say principal, Job of the historian is to discover both the meaning and the significance of historical evidence. This assignment will help you to continue to engage with a key problem facing historians of the early West: how to evaluate primary source evidence that can be both upfront and In some ways full of cite.

You will be asked to evaluate and conceptualize a class source in order to come to some judgment as to what one might conclude from them about notions of justice in early Western civilization. Instructions Read (or re-read) the following document from your assigned primary sources carefully: Imperial Edicts for the Government of Serene (ca. 7 BCC) from the Primary Source Document Study Sheet entitled “Roman Order and Authority in the Provinces.

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Once you have completed your reading, respond to the question below In a fully developed paragraph that meets the following criteria: Length: 100-150 words Begin with a concise topic sentence that directly responds to the assigned question. No need to define terms or cite a dictionary. Use direct, quoted material from the document only to support your points. Question Citing specific evidence from the assigned document only (not your textbook or the be), why do you think Augustus was concerned about the conflict in Serene?

Why did he bother to get involved? Grading Standards What follows Is a list and description of the cartel I will use to evaluate your work. You are encouraged to consider the questions below as you write and revise.

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