Biology Q/A Assignment

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Assignment Questions Who first identified and described the plants used in this study (I. E. The authority) [0. 5 marks] Glenn E. Barley and Pablo A. Isoclinic What is the aim of the study? [1 mark] The aim of this study is to modify knowledge of genes and enzymes for carotene biosynthesize in plant and also put some light on the challenges that are currently being faced by plant developmental biology and biotechnology. What is the author’s hypothesis? Was it supported or refuted by their research? 2 marks] The author’s hypothesis was that, ” Carotids protect photosynthetic organisms against potentially harmful photosensitive processes and are essential structure component of the photosynthetic antenna and reaction center complexes”. The authors hypothesis was not supported because of lack of research on his point, he did point out the proteins and complex compounds such as chlorophyll and various lipids, but “carotene binding protein is poorly understood”. Which does not provide him with enough data to prove his hypothesis. what causes leaf variegation?

How many vertical lines are in Table 1? Table 2? [1 mark] Table captions are placed at the very bottom of the cart, separate from the chart. There are seven vertical lines in the chart. Where are all figure captions placed? What do you think is meant by a “stand alone” figure? [1 mark] In the texture all the captions are written at the bottom tot the texture wit “Stand alone” means to be able to operating something on your own. N labels. What statistical test was used to validate the author’s use of the term “significant” in their results section?

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