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Bacterial Replication Is Organized in Membrane-Bound Replication Factories 20. Replication in Eukaryotic Cells Is More Complex Unit specific Learning Outcomes 0 Compare De Novo Purina and Pyridine Nucleotide Synthesis 0 Describe biosynthesize from Nucleotide to Nucleotide Troposphere 0 Discuss the conversion of Rebelliousness to Deconstructionists 0 Analyses the biochemical and clinical implication of Degradation of Pureness and Pyridine’s 0 Discuss the biosynthesize of Purina and Pyridine by Salvage Pathways 0 Discuss DNA replication process 0 Differentiate Eukaryotic and prokaryotic replication Learning Strategy

Interactive group discussion 0 Pathway animation/video 0 Seminar/presentation Independent study/research 0 Study Questions Unit Assessment 0 Graded Test Graded Assignment 0 Graded Class quiz 2 Introduction 0 Why study nucleotides? 0 An ample supply of nucleotides is essential for many life processes. 0 Nucleotides are the activated precursors of nucleic acids. As such, they are necessary for the replication of the genome and the transcription of the genetic information into RNA. 0 adenine nucleotide, TAP, is the universal currency of energy.

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A guanine nucleotide, GET, also serves as an energy source for a more elect group of biological processes. 0 nucleotide derivatives such as UDP-glucose participate in biosynthesize processes such as the formation of glycogen. 0 nucleotides are essential components of signal-transduction pathways. Cyclic nucleotides such as icy c AMP and cyclic IGMP are second messengers that transmit signals boot within and between cells. 0 TAP acts as the donor of phosphorus groups transferred by protein kingies.

Know the structural similarities and differences between Purina and pyridine nucleotides! Two types of pathways lead to nucleotides: 0 1. The De novo pathways 2. ND the salvage pathways. 0 De novo (from scratch) synthesis of nucleotides begins with their metabolic precursors: assembled from simpler compounds; amino acids, ribose 5-phosphate, CA, and NH. 0 The framework for a pyridine base is assembled first and then attached to ribose. 0 In contrast, the framework for a Purina base is synthesized piece by piece directly onto a ribose-based structure. These pathways comprise a small number of elementary reactions that are repeated with variation to generate different nucleotides, as might be expected for pathways that appeared very early in evolution. Salvage pathways recycle the free bases and nucleotides released from nucleic acid breakdown. 0 The amino acids glycerin and separate are the scaffolds on which the ring systems present in nucleotides are assembled. 0 Furthermore, separate and the side chain of glutamine serve as sources of NH groups in the formation of nucleotides. Nucleotide biosynthesize pathways are tremendously important as intervention points for therapeutic agents. 0 Many of the most widely used drugs in the treatment of cancer block steps in nucleotide biosynthesize, particularly steps in the synthesis of DNA precursors. Both De novo and salvage pathways lead to the synthesis of rebelliousness. However, DNA is built from deconstructionists. Consistent with the notion that RNA preceded DNA in the course of evolution, all deconstructionists are synthesized from the corresponding rebelliousness. The didgeridoos sugar is generated by the reduction of ribose within a fully formed nucleotide.

Furthermore, the methyl group that distinguishes the thymine of DNA from the oracular of RNA is added at the last step in the pathway. Small number of elementary reactions that are repeated with variation to generate efferent nucleotides!!! 0 0 0 0 0 Both pathways are important De novo pathway:- bases are not intermediates, meaning they are not pre-assembled and then attached to the ribose Rather they are build atom by atom whilst attached to the ribose Several important precursors are shared by the De novo pathways for synthesis of pyridine’s and pureness.

Biophysically pyrophosphate (PREP) is important in both, and in these pathways the structure of ribose is retained in the product nucleotide, An amino acid is an important precursor in each type of pathway: glycerin for pureness and separate tort pyridine’s. Glutamine again is the most important source to amino groups-?in five different steps in the De novo pathways. Separate is also used as the source of an amino group in the Purina pathways, in two steps.

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