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Western Governor’s University Process of DNA Replication The double helix is unwound by helices & each strand then acts as a template for the next strands Primate creates the DNA primer DNA polymerase Ill is the main copying enzyme DNA polymerase I removes RNA primers & replaces with DNA Single Stranded Binding Proteins are available to hold the unwound DNA strands in position & prevents premature annealing with another DNA strand

Diagram of DNA Replication Role of Aliases Enzyme in the Replication of DNA DNA polymerase ignites the replications next to primer & adds complementary nucleotides in the 5′ to 3′ direction & moving away from the replication fork Kaki fragments are the short lengths of DNA formed between RNA primers on the lagging strand Aliases is the linking enzyme that seals breaks in the DNA by creating a phosphate- sugar bond. DNA aliases has three (3) main functions: 1 . Joining Kaki fragments, 2. Ailing repairs, 3. Sealing recombination fragments Diagram of Role of DNA Aliases in DNA Replication Role of Mrs. in Transcription & Translation Mrs. “copies” the message or the information from DNA Mrs. then leaves that DNA parental strand & “hooks” up with ribosome Ribosome works with the Mrs. & “calls” for tarn tarn then “reads” the Mrs. in codes & brings amino acids to the Mrs. Amino acids then attach to the transfer molecule & create a protein chain Diagram of Mrs. in Transcription & Translation

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Role of RNA Polymerase Inhibition RNA polymerase makes a new strand of RNA which is peeled off the DNA template and translated into protein by Copying DNA in order to transport information to ribosome for protein synthesis Without RNA the cell is unable to synthesize proteins Proteins are the building blocks of life Without proteins there would be cellular death If ingested the peptide alpha-amanita formed by the death cap mushroom attaches to RNA & prevents protein synthesis by inhibiting RNA Polymerase production

Without RNA Polymerase, the body cannot produce Mrs. Without Mrs. the body will not be able to create a template for transcription Poisonous Effect of Death Cap Mushrooms Without a template for transcription the body will not generate new DNA & the body will soon begin to fail Without new cellular generation the body will die Most people will fall into a coma & death occur within one (1) week of ingestion RNA polymerase (2003). Http://www. Arcs. Org/PDP/education_discussion/ molecule_of_the_month/ download/Reemployment’s. PDF References

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