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This is a great way to get elementary schools involved in helping promote the site to its students and most importantly, their parents. Students are invited to write and essay as to why their community is the best place to live. They can submit them to the site f done electronically, or you can provide a mailing address for those entries that are done by hand. (If you allow this, you’ll need to scan them and upload to the site. ) Often, the mailed versions are the more popular versions, as the youngest students tend to draw colorful pictures tit their story.

Because the essay involves creativity, the school’s administration is usually receptive. And because it is not an assignment, and they can gain an acknowledgement as well as a prize, students want to participate. The goal of this promotion is to get the schools to send home a flyer with the students. Use the flyer we provide you as a starting point and customize to your situation. If you need our assistance, please contact your Account Manager. You can reproduce the flyer very inexpensively at a local copy place such as Kink’s.

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The flyer, if passed out by the school, is all of the promotion you should need. This creates a third part endorsement which adds credibility and value to the community site, and to you. We suggest that call and arrange a meeting with the school principal. Explain that you have a contest We recommend a grand prize that is something elementary school students would get excited about. Examples of prizes used in this promotion include a Razor Scooter, a Hand Held Video Game and an IMP Player. For all of the participants, we suggest something promoting the site.

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