Beginning College Assignment

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Beginning college is like entering the world of adulthood where the dedication of handling responsibilities becomes harder. Harder in the sense that there is so much work and expectations that in an instant, you feel as if your teenage years of slacking off have completely vanished. Though that may have been true for some, slacking off wasn’t really an option for me. Of course everyone had the occasional missing assignments or “not so good” grades. However, when you’re balancing high school and college within the same year, there Is no room to get lazy.

While the college life an be a little stressful, there are a couple of benefits to get out of It. For one, as a college student you are treated as an adult. Being responsible for our own actions have compensated for the “what you do Is your decision”. Now some people may use this as freedom to blow off assignments or act foolish In class but to be honest that wouldn’t be the smartest decision. Doing “what you want to do” coming from a professors mouth doesn’t always speak for Itself. Yes we can understand what It means to do what we want to do but we also have to remember that doing whatever e want can either help us or hurt us.

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What the professor wants is for us to act like the smarter college students who take their education seriously. Also, posing as a college student has not always been tough. I’d say that majority of the workload may be much in quantity but it is work that we are capable of handling. Remembering why it was my desire to enter a school with such a mind blowing, yet challenging program such as DADA has motivated me to stay focused and do well. Receiving an associates degree at the age of 18 is the greatest offer that I could ever think of.

Passing up such an opportunity was out of the question because I knew I could reach the top if I put in effort. It’s all a matter of knowing your limit and how far you can go. Anything is possible as long as you try and put forth the best effort. Being a part time college student has opened my eyes to so many things. Being able to just imagine what college would be like when it was time to graduate from Diver University and pursue my career was one thing my eyes had opened up to. I couldn’t really ask for a better advantage than to had been here as half high school student, and half college student.

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