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My client also has a part time job on a Saturday night where she collects and cleans glasses from the pub. My client works pm until closing time which is usually around 12-lam. My client also attends college Monday to Thursday, where she leaves her house at am to walk to the bus stop to catch the college bus and returns home at 5:pm. My client enjoys walking her dog to the local park every evening for about an hour/an hour and a half in order to have exercise and try to unwind after college.

When my client returns home, her other who is a home career for people who suffer from mental health disorders and have learning difficulties and/or other disabilities, is usually at work therefore my client is responsible for making her own tea which usually consists of something easy from the freezer such as pizza, chips, chicken nuggets or fish flinger with peas or baked beans. My client does not have a varied diet and therefore has a deficiency for a number of vitamins and minerals. My client also suffers from a condition called BIBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

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My client smokes around ten cigarettes a day and rinks on the weekend, she regularly drinks a small amount on the weekend but can sometimes drinks large amount. My client has a heart murmur which she does not have to take medication for. My client also suffers from anemia which she has to take tablets for on a regular basis, she also suffers from depression and anxiety which she has to take regular medication for which side effects of the medication are a decrease in appetite and also a development of fussy eating and a lack of taste for many foods. My client takes a daily supplement of cod liver oil and also a multi attain supplement.

UP – Carry out a quantitative analysis of the dally Intake of nutrients and energy by one Individual. In order to complete this assignment I had to write down my clients diet for three days and analyses my findings. These three days did not have to be consecutive however my clients diet was on a three consecutive day basis. After entering my clients diets In to a computer software called Food Focus, I then view. Throughout the three days my client has an unbalanced diet. On two days out of three my client has a too high level of protein whereas on one day my client has a rotten level that is severely insufficient.

When relating my clients diet to the recommended daily intake from the government on day one my client is 6% higher than she should be, on day two my client is 13% lower than she should be and on day three my client is 3% lower than she should be. Overall I believe my client would benefit from having a more stable and balanced diet and would benefit from this because having more protein in her diet will improve her anemic status and this in turn will help her to feel more energetic and healthy. When looking at my clients fiber levels for all three days it is obviously clear that she is lacking in fiber over the three days.

With my client lacking in fiber and having BIBS, she sometimes has severe abdominal pain and can become constipated. As a result of this I have come to the conclusion that my client would benefit from a diet with more fiber in which will lead too higher level of health and a better quality of life. On two of the three days my clients calcium levels are extremely high compared to the dietary reference values, which is good as it will help my clients bone density and teeth to remain strong and lately. However on one of the days my clients calcium levels are extremely low compared to the dietary reference value.

As a conclusion I have decided that my client would benefit from a more balanced and stable diet to ensure she has the correct intake level on all three days rather than her levels being up and down. As my client suffers from anemia, she needs to have a sufficient intake of iron on a daily basis to aid and stop her iron deficiency, however when looking at the three day diet my client has presented it is clear to see that her iron levels are insufficient on al three days which leads to my clients anemia worsening, and the possibility of having to go on higher dose medication.

My clients vitamin C levels are again extremely irregular as she has an adequate level of vitamin C on one day, a lower level than the dietary reference intake on day two and on day three my clients vitamin C count is clearly way over the dietary reference intake. My client also has a fluctuating level of energy intake over the three days, meaning that she has two days where her energy levels are the same as the recommended daily intake and one day where her daily energy intake is too low.

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