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You must: write within the report length: 650 words (Max. ) not plagiarism as any form of plagiarism will result in a fail’ grade use 1. 5 spacing and 1 inch/2. CM margins write the word count at the end of your internal report in brackets, for example (650 words) submit the Internal report online Oval Turbulent (details will be provided closer to the submission date) submit the internal report on,’before the established deadline (any late submissions will result in a ‘deduction’ of the final grade for the assignment) submit your assignment early and avoid waiting till the last hour prior to the deadline in case of server overload or shutdown have proof of the print screen of any technical difficulty you may have encountered for any potential submission appeal to be considered, and c a copy of the proof to your teacher You are Jinn Kim, manager of Taxmen City branch, Korea Auto Insurance. You are concerned about the headquarters’ overhead cost allocation method which you believe is inappropriate and unfair, and have highlighted your concerns to the management.

The new CEO, Chunk He, has asked you to submit an internal report to him before proceeding further. The CEO has requested that you: identify the problems associated with the overhead cost allocation method provide relevant and concrete evidence/examples to support the problems raised highlight he urgency of the problems and communicate the possible consequences of not taking action For your Internal report to make an Impact on the new CEO, It has to be: structured cohesive and coherent formal and concise words) submit the internal report online via Turning (details will be provided closer to the submission date) submit the internal report on/before the established For your internal report to make an impact on the new CEO, it has to be:

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