BF Directions For Ethics Assignment

BF Directions For Ethics Assignment Words: 293

Ms. Smith will review the assignment in class on Wednesday, November 5; it’s in your best interest to attend this class and note the due date of Wednesday, November 19. Read both cases carefully, then using the Ethical Decision Making Model (found in the class Powering presentation), list the 7 steps from the model and fill in answers under each step based on your analysis of each case.

You will create your own alternates for Step 3, create your own evaluation of each of the alternatives for Step 4, etc. Complete a separate response for each of the two cases (1 page or so for each case, single spaced). See layout example below. If you have any questions about the assignment, you must contact Melissa Smith by email, [email protected] Com, by Tuesday, November 18 by pm. NOTE: emails to Ms. Smith received after pm on Wednesday will not be answered.

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DUE DATE: A hard copy of your assignment is due in class on Wednesday, November 19. AND submit an electronic copy (word file or PDF) too by 11 am on Wednesday, November 19 prior to class. 10 points will be deducted if the assignment is not handed in AND emailed on time. Submit to [email protected] Com If you miss the submission date and time, then you have until November 20th, 9 am to submit your paper with the understanding that the ID-point deduction kicks in.

If you do not submit your assignment by this date, you can receive a ailing grade for this assignment. Assignment layout example: Step 1: Recognize: Define the ethical problem from all perspectives. Use bullet points for your answer(s) Step 2: Clarify the Facts Use bullet points for your answer(s) Step 4: Evaluate Alternatives (short/long term effects).

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