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The results of these investigations help to eve beyond “common sense” knowledge and individual experience to understanding larger complex social issues and processes. This course will introduce students to the various sociological research methods used to explore diverse social processes, as well as methods of inquiry, strategies and tools used by social researchers. Students will also be introduced to the philosophical foundations of research methods and the practical, theoretical and ethical concerns for conducting both quantitative and qualitative social research.

Course Objectives By the end of the course, students will be able to understand: . The foundations of sociological research b. Various methods used in sociological research c. How data is collected and interpreted to form theoretical arguments d. The steps involved in designing a sociological research project Required Readings 1 . Research Methods: Exploring the Social World First Edition by Diane Cymbal’s. A hardcopy of the textbook or an e-book option is available for purchase at the Brock Campus Store. 2. There may be additional seminar readings available on Assai.

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These readings will be identified on the seminar schedule posted Assai. Course Evaluation 1. In class test #1 (Cot 2, material covered from Septet 11 to Septet 25) 25% 2. In class test #2 (Novo 6, material covered from Cot 9 to Cot 30) 25% 3. Written Assignment (due Novo 20) 10%4. Take home exam (essay format, distributed November 27) 30% 5. Seminar participation Please note: Detailed explanations of course evaluation and expectations will be posted on Assai and discussed in class and/or seminar. In addition, brief lecture outlines will be posted On Assai prior to lecture.

Seminar Schedule: A seminar schedule will be posted on Assai. It will outline he weekly seminar expectations, readings, possible discussion questions and assignments. There are 8 seminars in total. Successful completion of this course will depend on your engaged presence at all seminars. You are expected to read the assigned material in advance of the corresponding seminar. Accessibility: Please notify the professor if you have accessibility issues and concerns. These concerns will be passed on to [email protected] Ca.

Also, for more information please go to http://www. Brocks. Ca/accessibility. Class changes or cancellations: Any changes or cancellations of lectures, miners, and office hours will be posted on Assai and/or announced in class and/or emailed to students. Late Submissions are subject to a penalty of 2% per day, except for the take- home exam which is 5% per day, including weekends, unless arrangements have been made with the course instructor. An assignment, for example, that would have received a grade of 80 % (A-) submitted 2 days late, will receive a grade of 76% (B).

The student should be prepared to provide some form of official documentation, such as a doctor’s note, to support any request for an extension. Also, it is advisable to keep an extra copy of any written assignment due for this course. Grading (from Brock University Undergraduate Calendar) A+: 90 – 100 work of outstanding quality that provides clear evidence of a rare talent for the subject and of an original and/or incisive mind A: 80 – 89 excellent, accurate work that demonstrates a certain flair for and comprehension of the subject.

B: 70-79 competent work that shows a sound grasp of the course goals without being distinguished C: 60 – 69 work of adequate quality that suffers from incompleteness or inaccuracy D: 50 – 59 the minimum requirements of a course are barely satisfied F: 49 or lower minimum requirements have not been met, and no credit has been given for the course Academic Misconduct: Because academic integrity is vital to the well-being of the university community, Brock University takes academic misconduct very seriously.

Academic misconduct includes plagiarism, which involves presenting the words and ideas of another person as if they were your own, and other forms of cheating such as using crib notes during a test or fabricating data for a seminar assignment. The penalties for academic misconduct can be very severe. A grade of zero may be given for the assignment Or even for the Course, and a second offense may result in suspension from the university. Students are urged to read the section of the Brock University Undergraduate Calendar that pertains to academic misconduct.

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