Sociology Paper on Mental Illness Assignment

Sociology Paper on Mental Illness Assignment Words: 266

While there will be some discussion of social factors related to mental disorder and types of mental health treatment, we will mostly examine these in the context Of the social definition and response to hat are seen to be psychiatric conditions. The majority of the reading in the course will be from the required books with some supplementary (and important) articles on LATTE. We will include both classic and contemporary sociological writings on mental health. Earning Objectives: 1. Understand sociological approaches to mental health and illness. 2.

Become familiar with issues in the history of mental illness and treatment. 3. Evaluate the origins and consequences of social policies toward mental disorder. 4. Examine the emergence and application of specific categories Of mental disorder. . Examine the integration of social and biomedical approaches to mental illness. 6. Encounter the experience of mental illness and treatment. 7. Assess the spread of Western psychiatric ideas and the globalization of diagnoses and treatment. Expectations: Students are expected to attend class regularly and be prepared to discuss the readings assigned for that week.

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I expect written assignments to be submitted on the day they are due and late submissions of written work will not receive full credit. There will be two take-home essay examinations (mid-term and final) and the option of an independent research paper or power point presentation (on a topic to be approved) required of each student. Details of these assignments will be handed out in class and posted on LATTE. Midterm and final each constitute 30% Of grade, independent paper or presentation and class participation (including attendance) 20%.

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