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When we hear the name Steve Jobs, autism isn’t what first comes to mind, and high functioning autism Is the last. Considered to be the master mind in the computer world, Steve Jobs did not let his autism stop him from getting the education that he needed to excel In the field of computers, and neither should others who have the autism label. Sheltering Steve Jobs In a “special” classroom wasn’t an option for his parents, nor should It be an option for any child who Is capable of succeeding In a mainstream classroom.

Typically, one of the areas which is less actively wired than average, for high functioning autism people is the area dealing with innate comprehension of some social interactions, and some other functions which are processed in the same area. This means that some things just “don’t come naturally’ in the way that they do with neuron typical people. Also, high functioning autistic people will have one or more things which come naturally to them which don’t for neuron typical people.

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There Is often a difference In the way that language Is processed, too, which makes learner ND understanding harder as well. People with autism struggle with many Issues. Anxiety, ADD, and depression all play a factor In the dally lives of those who have some form of autism. The key to helping them work anything and to help avoid the actions caused by ADD and depression is to help the person avoid issues that cause the anxiety. In order to do this, you must first find the trigger points that cause the anxiety.

For someone who is neuron typical, anxiety results from issues that become very stressful to us. Things like losing a partner, our job, unable to pay our bills will eighteen our anxiety levels. For a person with autism, not being able to find their favorite pair of sock is all it takes for them to feel the intensity of high levels of anxiety. People with autism have trouble with being able to keep most things organized. It doesn’t matter how Intelligent and/or how old they are, strong organizational skills are not a trait that most autistic people have. Even a straight A student with autism who has a photographic memory can be incapable of remembering to bring a pencil to class or remembering a deadline for an assignment” -1 . Moreno, S. J & O’Neal. For something like this, it is suggested that perhaps placing a picture of a pencil on the front of class book or having the use of an aid that check in before class to make sure the student is prepared and/or can give reminders of when assignments are due, might aid in helping the student to stay on track.

Another idea could be something as simple as to tie a string to the student’s wrist, to service as a reminder of something important. Bright lights and loud noises will also disturb the education of a child with autism. Making simple adjustments such as dimmer the lights or making ere the child Is not sitting with the loud bunch or near things like the pencil sharpener, will help the child stay focused because the anxiety levels will be less Another Issue high functioning autistic children face while In mainstream classes Is being made fun of or by being bullied.

If the either of these issues arise, it is very Important Tanat ten problem gets reassures In a way Tanat does not craw more negative attention to the student. A simple way to avoid this is by having a safe person that the student can report these issues too and then having the person the robbers are being reported to, watch for the negative behavior. By addressing the problem this way, it’s a teacher or other adult that catches the bad behavior, allowing the child that is being picked on, to remain free from being labeled a tattle tale.

The most important way to assure autism children remain successful in mainstream classes is make sure the teachers are trained in all form if autism. It is important that they understand what makes them tick, how their brains work, what helps them thrive and what causes them to shut down. When teachers have a clear understanding, they are able to offer the help, guidance and understanding that will allow the student to blossom.

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