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Early Detection of Autism No parent ever wants to believe that his or her child has any kind of problems. As much as all parents want for his or her child to be perfect, that is not always the case. There are several diseases that can take over a child’s life causing deformities, blindness, and make the process of learning and communicating difficult. Autism Is one of those diseases that Just happen to make learning and communicating difficult for Individuals and can be a parent’s worst nightmare.

There Is no cure for autism, UT If a child is diagnosed early enough he or she could receive therapy, which could result In coming up with the best educational plan for the child. Therapy could also help the child work through social Issues he or she might have, but the very first step needs to be finding out If the child has autism. Early detection of autism Is a must and not finding out as soon as possible Is a mistake and It could delay a process that may have been able to help a child In need.

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This essay will discuss why It better to get a child tested for autism as early as possible verses walling until he or she Is elder or not getting him or her diagnosed at all. Autism is a disease that is known to affect social, behavioral, and communication skills. It is one of the fastest growing diagnoses among the developmental disorders. Autism does not discriminate due to race or gender, and has been discovered in children as young as eighteen months.

This particular disorder has gone undetected in many individuals because it affects social skills, which lead most parents to believe that a child is simply shy. With the many phases of autism, parents should never assume that a child is only shy and this loud be done if there is testing for the child as early as possible. Not testing will not make autism go away. The earlier a parent is prepared for this disease the better off the child may be. Testing for autism should be Just as important and mandatory as a child’s wellness checkup.

Testing should not be expensive, but it should be made very affordable for all income levels. If children are tested early many delays may not occur, but because most children are not diagnosed until around the age of six years old, some of the children are already academically delayed and it is possible that this loud have been prevented with detection at an earlier age. Children who are tested and diagnosed at an early age function better and progress at a higher rates.

Fighting for children with any kind of special needs is important and some parents with special needs have a hard time raising children because they were not diagnosed early enough to prevent some things. Getting tested early can make the Journey easier for everyone. Making parents aware of signs and early detection may decrease the rising number of children entering Into special education programs. Children who receive early diagnoses receive more therapy services, excel better academically with an PIPE to carry them to college, and It Is possible for them to function on their own as adults.

Over the last few decades there has been lots of research conducted regarding autism and what causes the disorder. Most of the research conducted has been proven false. Autism’s False Prophets, Risky Medicine, and Search for a Cure each discusses the different techniques doctors use to help Tina want may De causing autism In our centre. Some AT ten techniques Include ten arenas not allowing their child to have certain shots that doctors believe may cause autism, but many of these assumptions have proved to be false.

No one knows what truly causes autism, but the signs that could lead to autism have been identified, and therefore there needs to be detection at the earliest stages. There is a unanimous belief that the brain does not form in the correct order and that affects a person’s social skills and the ability to function in today’s society. Studies have shown that autism appears more in males than females. This is believed to be true because ales automatically have poor social skills. Testing should not be determined by gender, race, or age, but it should be tested by behavior, physical, and social patterns.

Children with autism tend to focus more on objects than people. Because children’s personalities start to show around the age of six months, parents should be educated on the signs in order to determine their child’s social activities (Obama & Schweitzer, 1990). Parents should also be able to point the signs out to a physician and not have to rely on the wait and see method. Not more than a year should go by before a parent or physician is able to determine if something is wrong. This is why early detection is very important.

Early testing is also important because autism has a variety of symptoms and a case could be so mild that it could go unnoticed or even be full-blown autism, which is more severally affected. When children are not tested, children tend to get left behind. Early detection is very important for the child and the parent. Children should be watched as early as six months. By this time most babies are starting to show facial expression and reach for their parents, but for mom children with autism the ages of six months may be completely different.

A child that has autism has started to stare into deep space, or rather not be held. Developmental delays such as crawling might seem harder for autistic child. Those are Just a few signs that parents should be aware of. Some children might even experience the backward syndrome. This is when a child has learned all the things he or she needs to know and suddenly forgets everything, even how to speak. Early testing is important because parents can have more structure in their home and outside environment. When children are not tested, children tend to get left behind Jacobson & Mulish, 2000).

Autism 2417: A Family Guide to Learning at Home and in the Community covers different stories of parents living with autistic children 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Day to day struggles and changes in an autistic child’s life can be overwhelming. Patterns and communication are the biggest issues when it comes too child diagnosed with autism. When a family receives an early diagnose it gives the child an advantage. Children that attend behavior therapy early me to do better in society as they grow in adulthood.

Most behaviors are learned very early and when a child reaches a certain age it is harder to change those behaviors. The main focus should be teaching a child how to adapt to social behavior and how to interact with people. Most autistic children are easy to become over stimulated. Speech therapy plays a big part in early detection because by the age of six most children who do not speak have a harder time communicating. If a child was tested by the age of one year old the basic sounds and pronunciations of words loud be easier to communicate by the time a child reaches school age.

Without early detection or any detection there will be no room for a child to receive any kind AT tannery or Nell. Occupational Ana Pensacola tannery plays a Log part teaching a child. It is so important to realize the smallest symptom because autistic children will turn into autistics adults that will fail to engage in day to day society activates (Charities & Foment, 2001). With early detection and treatment autistic children could have a self-sufficient life as an adult. When children are not tested early they seem to have a delay in speech, social and mobile skills, and suffer from outburst.

All of these things cause children to not be as functioning as the children that have been properly diagnosed as autistic. Children that suffer from a not being diagnosed or diagnosed at a later age tend to suffer in academics (Bryon, 1991). Most of these children are placed in special education program and are often overlooked (Bilabial, 2002). Parent that feel their children may have autism and academic issue needs to always contact the school counselor and principal, and should make the school aware if a diagnosis is received outside the school. Autism, social competence, and academic,” explains that because a mother did not have her daughter detected early her daughter now suffers with academic issues and social issues at school but because she learned from her mistakes and had her son tested early he was properly diagnosed and was able to receive a correct PIPE plan. Parents should not be afraid to have their children tested because every child is different. All autistic children will tot have to go into special education, but testing will allow parents and the school to find the best accommodations for the child.

The individual Education Plan is put in place to help children reach educational goals more easily than they otherwise would (Bryon, 1997). When a child qualifies for special education the PIPE is mandated to be officially updated from elementary to middle school until high school graduation and sometimes even college. The PIPE plans make it possible for any person to lead a normal educated life. It is so important to have your child’s testing and all proper comments in place before your child has reached adolescence.

Jowett Sack-Min, 2010, believes “it is a good idea to place children with autism into the education system. ” It is very important not to give up on autistic children because one day they will be adults. Adding special educations programs to school districts can be costly, but well worth the life skills and education the classes can provide children (Bailey, Phillips, & Router, 1996). Testing and early detection is a very important for children with special needs and Jowett Sack-Min helps parents become aware of how important it is for testing and proper education with special need children.

The children that are diagnosing early can excel in academics and are allowed time to complete his or her assignments and may not have to be put in special education programs. Autism is a lifelong disability, but the important factor is making sure that the child and the parent receive help in the very beginning not when it is too late. With the proper foundation and help from parents autistic children will be able to function in society. It is important for parents to watch their children and be aware of the efferent signs associated with autism as well as other things.

The statement trust your gut is so important because knowing what to look for could be the one thing that saves a child from certain delays in development. It never to late to understand a child’s behavior no matter what the age is, but early detection can be the difference In Telling an Issue or Just along WI TN ten Issue. Detection Ana a proper Lagoons can be start of therapy, creating a placement plan in school, and creating a better foundation for a child, but it all starts with detection as early as possible.

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