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Human beings differ from each other, no two people can have same attitude, perception and behavior about a particular object. So marketer cannot use a single marketing strategy to cater consumers who have different attitudes, perception. Marketer have to understand the importance of those components which play a major role in supporting the purchase decision of consumers having different mindsets.

So present assignment is based on analysis of two important components, • Cognitive component. • Affective components. Cognitive component consists of the knowledge and perception that are acquired by a combination of direct experience with the attitude object and related information from various sources. Affective component consists of emotions and feelings about a particular product or brand. So here are advertisements from which cognitive components will be described. [pic] The advertisement is about refrigerator named Frigidaire.

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It is presenting a excellent example of advertisement which is depicting the cognitive components in a very clear and impressive manner. As seen the each and every feature of refrigerator is nicely presented which can be explained as follow, • In advertisement the first cognitive component is its lots of space to which a consumer who wants a spacey refrigerator to place sufficient food items will definitely think about it after seeing advertisement. • The second cognitive component is digital read out which will help the consumer to read about features surface lighting a digital clock and temperature of the refrigerator.

This feature will attract those who like advance technology in their goods. • Another cognitive component is removable condiment tray, which will assist the consumer while cleaning refrigerator. It is attractive feature which will be liked by the consumer who wants cleanliness at each and every corner . for example women. • The next cognitive component is adjustable shelves in the refrigerator which will help the consumer to use it according to the requirement. So this will attract those who some time need to store large quantity food items which otherwise cannot be stored if shelves are not adjustable. Then one handed water pour is another cognitive component which shows the ease related to the usage of particular feature. [pic] The Associated Press The advertisement is presenting LG refrigerator which is showing cognitive component in a very impressive manner . The cognitive components in the advertisement that are capable to attract the attention of consumers are as below , ? First of all the refrigerator included television which will attract 1. The customers who live studio apartment as there is no partition of rooms. . Capable to attract restaurants owners as they can provide television access to their cooks. 3. For the ladies who spends their most of the time in kitchen. 4. The customer who belongs to high income group and keen to have access to the latest technology. So in this advertisement the main cognitive component is refrigerator accessing television. But other cognitive components that can be considered are, • The large capacity of the refrigerator. • The partition of refrigerator which can store 10 to 12 items separately. As shown in advertisement refrigerator is storing raw meat which shows high cooling of refrigerator. . [pic] This refrigerator advertisement is depecting the affective component . The affective components which can be considered are, The marketer has attached tehe product with the mother daughter love, where mother is shown to be concious about the health of her daughter and she is shown to take out the fresh food products from the refrigerator through which the marketer show that the refrigerator does let the nutrients to be decrease and keep the food fresh and nutrient.

So through this advertisement the marketer tried to attract the attention of ladies who after watching this advertisement felt attached with the product and finally make their purcahse decision in the favor the product. . [pic] The advertisement is about Samsung refrigerator. In this advertisement if we will go to look for affective component, the main components that will be able to take the attention of consumer will be, • A product for people who believe in stylish look of the product.

To this advertise those consumers will be get attracted or fell attached who believe the style and good look should be there in the product which they are going to purchase. • The other affective component can be color of refrigerator, which is white. Some time consumers have a particular type of attachment with a particular color. May be the consumer who have a special liking for white color and this led him to go for this product in a particular model. The stylish girl sitting with the refrigerator develops a affective component for the women who believe they are stylish like her should go for the stylish product as shown in the advertisement. So these are the components according to me can enhance the consumer liking and preference for a particular product. Finally I would like to say that in this era where there is competition in each and every sector marketer should focus on both major and minor components which are capable develop a favorable perception for their product in consumer’s mind.

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