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Ethics in business has the same meaning, except it applies to the operations of whole company including executive managers, employees, and stock holders. The decisions made by all Of those mentioned affect the ethical sense Of the company. If one level Of the company acts in an unethical way, it will ultimately affect everybody. I am going to explain in this paper how ethics affects both non-profit and for-profit organizations and the differences between the two. SST. Jude Children’s Hospital is one Of the best known Non-profit organizations in the world.

They are known for their tremendous dedication in helping to treat and find a cure for catastrophic diseases such as cancer. The research efforts of SST. Jude Children’s Hospital have helped vastly in advancing the treatment and survival rate of these horrible diseases affecting children all over the world. SST. Jude Children’s Hospital was started as a research hospital by the entertainer Danny Thomas. Danny was experiencing hard times not getting much work and had a baby on the way. Danny decided he needed to go to church to seek guidance.

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Danny visited a chi arch in Detroit and was so moved during mass that he placed his last $7 in the collection plate. With only a few cents left in his pocket Danny Thomas prayed to the statue of SST. Jude Thatched, the patron saint of hopeless causes, for a way to pay for his upcoming medical bills. The next day Danny was offered a small part that would pay him $70. Two years later after a small amount of success Danny Thomas was trying to advance his career again. He returned to the church once again and Danny pleaded that if SST.

Jude would show him the way and help him get back on his feet, he would then erect a shrine to the saint as a way to show him gratitude for helping him become a success. Shortly after Danny Thomas pleaded and prayed to SST. Jude his career saw resurgence and landed him several big none rolls (Simons, 2003) In the early sass’s Danny and a group Of his friends started working on the idea Of opening a children’s hospital in Memphis Tennessee that would not discriminate against any child no matter the race, religion, sex, or financial situation,.

Danny wanted to start a hospital that would never turn any child away. Spreading the word of his vision by 1955 Danny had a group of local business owners that wanted to help out with this great idea. Danny Started raising money with fundraiser shows with some of the top echelon talent of that era coming on board to help. Danny worked tirelessly spreading his Sino and message trying to get the funds needed to make his dream come true. Falling short of his goals, Danny received the help he had been looking for in 1957. Danny being of Lebanese decent got help from the Arab-American community.

Over 100 representatives from the community got together in Chicago and formed the ALSO otherwise known as the American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities. This group was formed with the sole purpose to take over the fundraising efforts needed to make the SST. Jude Children’s Hospital possible. With the formation of the ALSO, which is today’s second largest health care hearty in the country, the SST. Jude Children’s hospital became a reality on February 4th 1962 when they opened their doors before a crowd Of 9,000 people in Memphis Tennessee.

The hospital when started was not only a great thing for disease research, but also went a long way in helping the fight against racism. The hospital took in all patients no matter the race, color, or religion. The integration spread throughout the city as the hospital made the hotels in the area agree to house the families of the patients no matter race. For the earl 1 sass’s in Tennessee this was a huge advancement for all. SST. Jude is a complete Non-Profit hospital that never turns any patient away or refuses treatment even if the patient does not have the insurance or ability to pay for services needed.

This opens up opportunities to thousands Of children who otherwise would be forced to go without the proper treatment. Through the efforts of the AH-SAC, doctors, and those who donate to help make it all possible, the SST. Jude Children’s Hospital has seen the survival rate for childhood cancer go from in 1962, to an astounding 80% today. The research and advancement studies done by the team at the Studded Children’s Hospital has us closer and closer every day to finding a cure for these horrible diseases.

What started out as a promise made by a once virtually unknown actor, has turned into a dream come true not only for Danny Thomas, but also for thousands of children and their families from all over the world. To operate a high tech facility and keep the integrity of the turn no patient away mission that the hospital has, they have a daily operating costs of around $2,000,000 a day. This is all funded through the non-profit fundraising sources ran by the ALSO. With the success and advancement in the fight against cancer, the hospital sees support pouring in from all over the world.

With operating cost so high, large corporations have been stepping up to help raise money to continue Danny dream and the fight against cancer. Companies like Dicks Sporting Goods and C.V. Pharmacies make large contributions. All together there are over 9 million active donors and 28 fortune 1 ,OHO companies that donate regularly to the cause of research for a cure. Families never receive a bill from SST Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food. This dream Danny Thomas had, has turned into a miracle for hosannas of kids, and with the continued donations, will be for thousands more all because it they have stuck by their mission and ethics.

Now I am going to take a look at the other side of the spectrum with a for- profit business. Although the compass main goal is to make profits, they still face ethical issues and problems on the way to reaching their goal of money. Harley-Davidson Motor Company is the company I chose for the for-profit portion of this paper. Harley-Davidson Motorcycles are one of the most popular motorcycle producers in the world. Known for their big V-twin motors ND loud exhaust, the Harley-Davidson Motor Company has fought through many ethical obstacles as the oldest manufacturer of motorcycles.

The company started with an idea Of putting a motor on a bicycle back in 1903. William Harley and Arthur Davidson put together the dream and would continue to garner more and more attention and a few short years later were Arthur Davidson brothers William and Walter. At this time the four founders split the stock equally four ways. Considered by many to be an American icon the Harley brand has faced many obstacles including going through many phases and different images ever the years. At one point people who owned a Harley-Davidson was considered a rebel or outcast.

Today Harley-Davidson motorcycles are ridden by the rebels as well as the doctors, lawyers, school teachers, and even police officers all around the world. The company started out as a recreational vehicle. As racing became more and more popular the company started producing specialty racing bikes that would win anything from laps on the dirt track, and endurance races. The people riding motorcycles were considered to be dare devils. The rebel image that was and still is associated with Harley-Davidson tricycles is something that most companies would have stayed away from, but the Harley-Davidson Motor Company embraced it.

A lot of the motorcycle clubs and or gangs around the world were started by former veterans returning from war and missing the comradely of their brothers that they fought with. Forming a motorcycle club was a way for them to get together and release the stresses of the real world that wasn’t really welcoming them back. The unfortunate part was that some of these clubs became are now known as the 1%ere. The 1 presenters are the 1% who are actually a gang and unlawful. Harley shops in the 1 sass’s and ass became more Of a hangout for the roughneck Harley riders and their friends (Corey, 2014).

Owning a Harley- Davidson Motorcycle was like a rite of passage. If you owned a Harley you were thought to be a rebel and feared by your normal neighbor how was frightened by the rumbling sound of your motorcycle. In the sass’s the company saw a friendly dispute where they were being taken over. This is when the company was sold to American Machine and Foundry (Agnostic, 2013). The MAP Company came in at the height of the outlaw image with Hollywood even embracing the outlaw biker life with ultimate movies and shows. MAP did little for the company except try to over produce the motorcycles which led to a quality issue.

This lead to the mass increase of foreign motorcycles coming in and starting take over a big piece of the market. In 1 985 the management team bought the company back and got back to the small production hand crafted machines they were famous for. In 1985 the company went to the United States government and asked for increased tariffs on imported motorcycles to help them build the market back up. This could be seen as an unethical tactic if you were one of the companies importing foreign motorcycles. Harley-Davidson knew that they still had to do more to keep up with the market.

They started to shed their rebel only image and making Harley-Davidson more than just a Status symbol, but a quality motorcycle for traveling recreational and cross-country. The rebinding efforts of the Harley-Davidson Motor company now has people from all walks of life are riding their motorcycles. The brand has shed the rebel only image through good rebinding. The company embraced the image for the time period that would make them the most money and changed their image to keep up with what would work best to ensure the most profits.

Personally I believe that both of these companies have seen many obstacles and through different routes have achieved great success. The ethics and image of the SST. Jude Children’s Hospital is rare as they have never strayed away from their original mission of helping children fight catastrophic disease. TO kick at the Non-profit ran SST. Jude Hospital their success is rare. I believe the fact that they came out and stood by their beliefs of providing a place where your race, religion, skin color, or bank account didn’t matter because they are going to help you.

The hospital is doing something that anybody with Alfa a heart will think is amazing. In today’s times where we see the greedy Harlan little did pharmaceutical and insurance companies basically telling treatment we deserve based on our coverage or ability to work and care at the SST. Jude Children’s hospital is amazing. Organization that started out as a simple promise, but with people looking to help fight the fight against childhood can’ immensurable as you cannot put a price on all the lives the for saving. I believe that a company like SST. Jude has done e’ way in terms of how a Non-profit company should be ran.

The Harley-Davidson Motor Company is a company that I expected as showing how American iron can be the best al motorcycle on the road. The company ran into some difficult embraced images that some would see as being bad ethics outlaw image may not seem like a good thing especially if y of the horrible things these clubs did. When you look at all t and see that only 1 % of these clubs were the real violent LO Outside Of that 1% these clubs were a way Of therapy for a either never had any other group to truly belong to. I believe image is what still appeals to many Harley Owners today.

Riding down the highway with a Harley-Davidson rumbling since of freedom and seems to put the rest of the world on ethical things businesses wise that some may question WOOL catered to the outlaws and turned the bad bow image into pulled a bad boy like move in the late ass’s by convincing TFH raise tariffs on foreign bikes in order to help them get back Some would call this poor ethics; would call this a smart blob is a For-profit company and they are entitled to do what as legal, to make the most money possible for their share providing the customer with a quality product.

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