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Students will have discussed the students understanding of which glue elements of weather are common to work books individual seasons. Whiteboard/soundboard three elements that create a visual The following lesson aims to develop large piece of paper and physical feeling of each season. Students knowledge of why our colored markers Students were introduced to at least DES 213 Assignment 1- Hannah Orzo 1 seasonal cycle is different to the bulldog clips other side of the world Syllabus Outcomes: Content: Daily and seasonal changes in our Assessment: Knowledge and Understanding environment, including the weather, affect

Finding if the students were able to: everyday life. (CAUCASUS). Daily and seasonal changes in the understand o select pictures of places and objects A student: o observes, using their senses, how o describe how people respond to familiar changes in their and sort into their seasons o work collaboratively in discussions DES 213 Assignment 1- Hannah Orzo 2 environment affect them and other environment, egg day and night and living things Set-NNE seasonal changes. Identify how plants and animals o generate their own ideas and represent those ideas in drawings and text o using appropriate language and respond to changes in the scientific terminology and environment, egg trees losing their descriptions leaves and the thickness of animals’ fur. Use the correct materials for the required activity This is achieved by (teacher aspect): Observation- observing how well students work within their personal space and the general social inclusion of discussing the task at group tables. Work sample: collecting the work books once the activity is completed, assessing what the DES 213 Assignment 1- Hannah Orzo 3 students gained from the prior knowledge activity and showing what elements they believe belong to particular seasons. Timing Content

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Class organ sensation/ Teaching Strategies 5 minutes Introduction to the topic Teacher will have the room and materials required Activity 1- Group Discussion prepared before the lesson The teacher will ask students to recall what they have learnt previously in their English lesson on the reading of the book ‘What Introduction begins with the whole class sitting on the season could this be? ‘ and have the students thinking about floor with the teacher inferno of them. Different words and ideas from this lesson What have we learned about seasons in previous lessons? Assessment techniques: Take a look outside?

What elements can we see that Observation of student participation describe which season we are in? What are some words that describe each season? DES 213 Assignment 1- Hannah Orzo 4 10-15 minutes Activity 2- Weather Words (Appendix 1) Teacher to have materials prepared The teacher will tell the class that they are to brainstorm o Large piece of paper common weather terms o Markers This will require group cooperation and turn taking o whiteboard The teacher is to write the words that the students produce o bulldog clips (if acceptable) on a large piece of paper so that these terms are displayed in class or the rest of the season unit.

Observation of student participation, cooperation, and critical thinking. 25 minutes Activity 3- Cut and Sort (Appendix 2) o scissors The teacher will tell the class that they will be working in o glue groups of four (depending on class size and numbers) for o worksheets this lesson. Each group will be given a cut and sort o colored pencils worksheet. They will be required to cut out all the images o work books and spread them out on their desk DES 213 Assignment 1- Hannah Orzo 5 Each group will then be given four sheets of paper indicated

Group involvement- each student is encourage to have a with each season (Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring) turn and talk about different factors and elements and asked to sort the images that relate to each season. Relating to certain seasons. Student will be encouraged to talk to their group members and discuss any debates on the criteria Once the students appear confident in their sorting they are to paste one season in their work books for assessing.

The teacher will interact with the groups to ensure that they understand the concepts and answer any questions. Students are able to experiment with a number of different elements and objects that relate to particular seasons. Students will be told that the teacher has a digital camera. The teacher is to take a photo of the students in their group with each of their final completed task of the cut and sort worksheet.

This gives extra documentation for the teacher and the assessing of how well each group went in this lesson. DES 213 Assignment 1- Hannah Orzo 6 15-25 EXTRA ACTIVITY (Appendix 3): If time permits students are to receive the second worksheet ‘wonderful weather’ , which they are to draw their favorite seasons using objects and elements from this Essen. Students are to then describe why this is their favorite season, by also using the descriptive language and terms discussed in the introduction session.

Whole class discussion- students are to discuss their the teacher will give students a warning approximately 5 individual worksheet (if they chose to share with the minutes before the end of the activity and ask children to class) and talk about why they chose that particular stop what they are doing and begin to pack up materials and season as their favorite using some of the descriptive finish pasting or coloring what they were doing. Rods used in the ‘Weather Words’ activity. Students will be asked to return to their seats before moving back to the floor to sit and discuss the outcome of the task.

Teacher will nominate certain students to say one thing they learnt during the lesson DES 213 Assignment 1- Hannah Orzo 7 Revisit the ‘Weather Words’ from the introduction and add to the list if students have used some extra vocabulary during the lesson. Evaluation: Were the activities appropriate for the age, group and stage of learning? Were the students engaged in the activities? What changes/additions can be made for future lessons? Was there enough time allocated to each activity? Do changes need to be made to my teaching strategies/behavior management strategies?

Does the assessment task demonstrate student achievement of outcomes? DES 213 Assignment 1- Hannah Orzo 8 Did the activities flow easily and transition times manageable? Justification: The book ‘What season could this be? ‘ was written as a factual based text, which discussed different elements scaffolding queue actions and creative thinking to develop students understanding about changes in the environment when using a scientific based text. Throughout the lesson students are encouraged to relate jack to this text and to their prior knowledge of seasonal effects.

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